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Can anyone tell me if I accept an international management offer, will I still receive offers from others countries in the future? I had an offer from Belgium which is the first “good” team that has come my way but I’m really hoping a bigger team comes along in the future. Thanks!


  • UserHatKeinNamen
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    No you will not. If you sign with an certain country the offers stop until you retire as the manager of that team. After you quit your national team manager job you will receive offers again.
  • Stevo45603
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    Great thank you for your reply. I declined the Belgium job and England just approached me. I really want to manage France so not sure whether to hold out or take the England job. It’s only my first season. What do you think?
  • UserHatKeinNamen
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    I basicly save before the day the first offer comes. And then simulate one day to see which team offers me a job, if its not germany I reload from the prior save and simulate again until I get the job offer from germany. It took me 4 times in Fifa 20. (Longest was in Fifa 18 when I tried it for almost 2 hours until germany came up :p )

    So if you know the date where the offer comes simulate to the day before that, save and then continue.
  • Unfortunately I didn’t do that. I received the offer from England and then saved. So now I can either accept their offer or decline and hope that France comes along in the future. My “fear” is if I decline the England job, I’ll get no international job offers from any good teams in the future! But that’s probably not true. Thanks.
  • Steffolovitch
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    When you have an international management job, at some point you'll be asked to renew your contract. I believe it happens every year. If you do not sign it immediately, you'll receive offers from other nations until you do.

    So if you do not get a France offer now, then sign for England, and when you are asked to renew the contract after a year or so, wait a bit to see if something better comes up first.
  • A question how do you know on which dates you will get an offer from the national teams?
  • Steffolovitch
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    You don't know in advance. It just happens at a certain date, and if you reload the game, you'll get another offer on the same date, possibly with another national team. I do believe it happens more often during international breaks though...
  • MsSmiler
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    Why won't it let me accept or reject the international job offers on Fifa22??
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