Who are the best TOTS players you've tried?

Since TOTS is coming to an end, let's hear opinions about the best TOTS players you've tried.


  • D909
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    Mahrez is my best Aubameyang is my worst by a mile
  • TDOF
    3073 posts National Call-Up
    suarez, easily... feels like the fifa 17 suarez i knew
  • ArsleWenger
    418 posts Sunday League Hero
    Mahrez and Benzema actually, pretty surprising tbh!
  • Afik90
    16 posts Ball Boy
    Davies - best lb
    Diego carlos - best cb (better then varane)
    Allan is best cdm ivr played this year besides toty kante
    Son - cheat code
    Ter stegen - insane
  • Retro_G
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  • Johnny_Big_A
    51 posts Park Captain
    Luis Alberto, SMS, Lukaku - The Best

    Rashford - Worst
  • Tboon
    3528 posts National Call-Up
    Mahrez by far my best.

    Immobile, Vardy and Diego Carlos are a bit let down. They are ok, but not worth the high price tag.
  • Smsalnuaimi
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    edited June 1
    Rashford - MEH
    Mbappe - great
    De jong - Class
    Hernandes - Very good
    AWB- very good
    Carvajal - Ok
    Ramos - Amazing
    Kroos- Surprisingly good
    Vardy - Good
    Auba- Bad
    Dybala - inconsistent
    Giovenco - Very good
    Ben White- Militao like
    Cazorla - Very good
    Visca - Good
    Adama - Nothing special
    CR7- Very agile and great
    Caudrado . very good coming as super sub

  • Blairwallace99
    89 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Sancho moved to cam is next level. Rafa is a class supersub. Henderson with a shadow has been my best Stay back cdm since the start of tots.
  • Lackosweat
    7521 posts League Winner
    The 35 yo talent. The best attacker in the game.
  • MaddMike3711
    12938 posts Has That Special Something
    Neymar, VVD.

    I would have said Mbappe and Ronaldo, but they are TOTY versions so doesn’t count. :sweat_smile:
  • d-Leon307-b
    973 posts Professional
    Promes ter Stegen

    The worst Mahrez
  • gorillabear
    1018 posts Professional
    Joao Pedro, Odegaard, Dumfries great at CB, Van de beek, davies

    All good
  • JWNYsg
    2778 posts Fans' Favourite
    Been fortunate to try a handful

    Suarez - magic, predator in box

    Ter Stegen - a bit better than Alisson

    Odegaard - a bit of a surprise for me. Drop Santi to use him at CAM

    Hummels - another surprise for me that exceed expectations

    Kimmich - paranoid about his L defensive work rate but works well with the Drop between defender instruction

    SMS - beast with shadow. BEAST

    Luis Alberto - that improved stamina makes him more effective upfront

    Coutinho - always my favourite at this CAM with Hunter chem

    For the ok ones

    Saul - maybe its the way i play him. Still cant decide if he's better off at the back or supporting the attack. He does fairly well at both ends

    Gnabry - a bit of hot and cold but can be potent when his form is on

    Davies - same as Gnabry for me

    Lewandowski - Still a bit pricey and his HL can still perform at a high level for you

    Muller - very good alternative to CAM or ST but starting him doesn't have the same magic
  • philip7500
    115 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Atal, crazy broken as striker
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