Imagine this!

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Everyone starts with a bronze team when FIFA comes out, and has to play games and do training to make their team better. Similar to career mode except it would be online like ultimate team. After playing and training your players you would have silvers and gold's, depending on each players potential. You would be able to trade with other FIFA players online, buying and selling players between each other. Each players team would be unique and instead of buying success you would have to play games and train. This would make players Want to play throughout the rest of the year as you would play, earn and buy players to create the best team in FIFA.


  • Mackie17
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    Basically what pes does. I like the current mode but I think they need to massively increase coin earning potential. 4-600 coins a game witch basically covers fitness is BS when the cards you want are millions
  • Differgary
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    I didn't know pes did it. Might need to but Pes. What is the mode called
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