Your Best/ Worst Performing Card(s) this WL?



  • Zalisis
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    I use two teams, so my best on each team:

    TOTS Hamdallah. Absolute monster, 16 goals in 13 games.

    TOTS Guilherme - ran defences ragged, so tough to push off the ball

    Honourable mentions to Giovinco, Gabrielsen for being a rock as usual, and Taarabt (excellent at least for the 60 minutes he can run for!)
  • Sodan70
    1110 posts Professional
    Best: Gullit 90, finally got the coins to buy him and he is worth it.
    Worst: Götze 90.. he is fine but need to get used to him..maybe next week he will shine..
  • Radb
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    Best -
    Attack: TOTS Mahrez
    Defence: Storyline Umtiti (Beast at the back)

    Worst: Griezman
  • Jesusdinho
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    Best, Tots Sancho
    Worst, Neymar

    Yeah Neymar is really ❤️❤️❤️❤️ good in the middle but he's no Maradona so he get pushed out wide where I don't get enough out of him. Don't know know what to with him really.
  • ChiTownWhat27
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    edited May 24
    Best: Fut Bday Saint Maximin

    Worst: PIM Litmanen, Gabe him a shot this weekend for fun and he is just not great for WL
  • Stav93
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    Best: My Benfica trio (Grimaldo, Gabriel, Dias) and Jota playing as a CAM

    Worst: Kovacic. Hasn't been bad by any stretch but replacing Goretzka has proven too big a task, and in all 3 of my Ls, Goretzka has come on, scored and been a lot better.
  • DannySTFC
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    edited May 24
    Worst - TOTS Havertz, doesn’t do anything wrong but doesn’t do anything special. Packed him untradable so had to try him. Been out wide, CAM, CM, and just doesn’t do a lot. Love TOTS de Jong so I usually bring him on by half time when Havertz isn’t impacting games. Hoping for a TOTS Promes to help bring de Jong in on chemistry.

    Best - TOTS Werner by a mile. 34 in 30 champs games and 10 assists. Shout outs to PIM Hierro and mid Maldini bossing at the back, but Werner is nuts.
  • Carter90
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    Best - tots havertz.. absolute beast. Finesse for days!

    Worst - tots pique.. just doesn’t have the pace to keep up with the top attackers.
  • fifaUTben
    235 posts Sunday League Hero
    Best - TOTSSF Visca, feels like a cheap Reus

    Worst - TOTSSF Kruse, very stiff no agility

  • ArsleWenger
    418 posts Sunday League Hero
    Best= Benzema TOTSF
    Worst= Bale BD
  • Turkey_man
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    Best: TOTSSF Sancho - most fun I've had from a single player so far in Fifa.

    Worst: BD Da Costa - Was probably my best last weekend with TOTSSF Reus and Son. Could have picked SS Alaba, both full backs seemed out of position at times and slow at the end.
  • Kingy
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    Best - PIM Sanchez closely followed by TOTS Mahrez and TOTS Odegaard.

    Worst - Can't single anyone out! Squad clutched Elite 3 for me so can't give any of the lads stick.
  • djnition
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    Best is gold son worst moments laporte too slow ended buying Joe gomezback again lol
  • NornIron
    13871 posts Has That Special Something
    Best - Suarez tots put in a few rebounds.

    Worst- Haaland tots going to replace him with Neuer.
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