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I think his card is good, so I’m wondering if anybody is using him, and in what position? I used him as ST and CAM, but lately I put him at CM and he’d been exellent for me. I’m currently using 433, with a CAM.


  • CustardHippo
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    If you’re not bothered by the work rates, weak foot or skill moves he looks pretty good. Played against him a few games ago but was predictable with the 3* WF and didn’t seem to make many runs in behind, although could be the way the guy played.
  • Iucas
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    Best striker I’ve used. 4-5 goals sometimes. Great at taking ball back from opposition and unstoppable when sprinting
  • BlackFridayRule
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    Awsome in sb, awkward in rivals
  • Skywalker XVII
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    Im Swedish so a bit biased but I think hes great.

    Dribbling is his weakness imo, everything else is amazing.

    So far hes scored everything on his left foot, both finesse and power shots are super reliable.
    If I didn know he had 3* wf I would have guessed it was a 5*
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