How many free objective players are still in your team?



  • Turkey_man
    489 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Sabitzer - what a brilliant objectives player!

    Only replayed Overmars due to TOTS but he regularly comes on as a sub in WL.
  • Crassus60
    57 posts Park Captain
    Got Reguilon, Falcao, Sabitzer, Bellarabi, Bakayoko and Verstrate all in my squad and play them sometimes
  • ozcs_69
    4000 posts National Call-Up
  • NucksNation
    2186 posts Fans' Favourite
    PIM trez
    Esswein (soon replacing By Pedro)

    Toney and thuram went to sbc
  • YB_11_
    372 posts Sunday League Hero
    Ziyech, Mbabu, Akanji
  • GT500
    732 posts Semi-Pro
    Koeman, Puyol, Rui Costa, Reguilon
  • Futfanatic
    15221 posts World Class
    Base Rio
    Prime Essien
    PIM Carlos Alberto 😃
  • Riotiga
    834 posts Semi-Pro ST I've played this year hands down. Granted I havent tried top tier Strikers, but he's been better than CR7, PIM Rush, Prime Drogba, PIM Hugo.
  • Dinataletots
    29 posts Last Pick at the Park
    All them except for odegaard.
  • FixFIFAcheating
    44 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Base Rio (will replace him soon)
    Prime Essien (will possibly replace him soon)
    PIM Petit (will stay in my team)
  • High420
    1071 posts Professional
    Iconswaps VDS & Futbday Bakayoko, who will both be in until the end now I think.
  • Clancy
    8461 posts League Winner
    Goose egg, not even as a sub
  • RexAnglo1066
    3259 posts National Call-Up
    Quite like the recent Luis Diaz, still use 86 James, FB Diaz, FutMas De Gea, 90 Watkins, 87 Daramby, Thorsby.

    Some more than others.

    I enjoy trying as many players as possible and making my own mind up on the card.
  • oldboiler
    3050 posts National Call-Up
    Prime Garrincha and Baby Zambrotta still make the first team.

    The rest just come out when required for weekly objectives, Storyline SMS is the star this week.
  • Neil_14
    808 posts Semi-Pro
  • PFSeven
    252 posts Sunday League Hero
    Reguilon, Sabitzer and Bakayoko are the only left
  • djnition
    110 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    D.James and fred
  • R1ckyDaMan19
    655 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Do story players count?

    Have story kovacic still, had story Anderson until I did the sane sbc, thinking of bringing him back though, got Perez too, until I hopefully get Pedro anyway.
  • DannySTFC
    4352 posts National Call-Up
    Mid Maldini. Mbabu who has hundreds of games behind him. Sometimes play Reguilon depending on which left back I need for chem. Three amazing left backs, objectives Reguilon, TOTY Robertson and red pick Alphonso Davies, all untradable, not a bad set of options.
  • RayS
    31082 posts National Team Captain
    Storyline Fred
  • Batman442
    4965 posts Big Money Move
    Still have prime Essien in my team but at this stage I am getting sick of him
  • Fotbal_love_12
    115 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    And the 2 I’m going for that’s current.
    Have flashback boateng and akanji in the back two monsters. Still doesn’t change wl bad gameplay lol
  • newguy
    2121 posts Fans' Favourite
    Those of you that got Mid Maldini, is he still cutting it for you guys? Could use him and MATS in goal or Upamecano and Neuer.
  • CustardHippo
    2876 posts Fans' Favourite
    Van der Sar from swaps.
    Gotze from Seasons although he might not be around long.
    Sabitzer from objectives.

    I actually really like Sabitzer, but VDS is only in for chem as I needed an Icon keeper or Gulasci, and Gotze is pretty meh but trying to see if he comes good.

    VDS is poor for me, most games I concede the same as the shots I face, they literally pass through him like he isn’t there.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
    17077 posts World Class
    mid adp, SL Felipe Anderson, 84 Kent, 86 James. Also fb ogbonna is unmoved
  • JPRM71
    3180 posts National Call-Up
    Base Vieira still bossing CDM for me
  • Seagie
    147 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    TOTS Ndidi

    Also have Lampard and Litmanent on my bench from swaps.
  • Team Sam
    2669 posts Fans' Favourite
    First team:

    Van Der Sar, Maldini, Zambrotta (all swaps)


    Acuna, Bakayoko (both objectives), Crespo (swaps)
  • LiTTl3_King15
    480 posts Sunday League Hero
    only one I am using right now is Sabitzer in my main Bundesliga squad. will possibly do Mathieu or Pedro for sbc fodder if I feel up to it but they won't make the squad.
  • futscp
    389 posts Sunday League Hero
    None in my team
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