90k for Elite 1? What are yall smoking EA

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How and why is it 90k for elite 1 in squad battles? Yall took single player seasons out of fifa 20 because 'not enough players were playing it' and now the last offline game mode we have to compete for half decent prizes is over run by cheaters? And since I don't have time to compete in WL every week, I'm now stuck with winning 50k~ in rivals every week and only that.

Here's an idea, outside of the top 100, make all the other brackets fixed on PC. It can be slightly above the average for console, for example: 55k for elite 1, 40k for elite 2, 30k for elite 3 etc. The top 100 (due to its relatively small size) can be checked for hackers a lot more easily this way.

Last week I put up 77k and lost out by 1k (I know) but I wasn't taking it that seriously so I aimed for higher this week. Right now I can reach 90k max but it seems like that won't even be enough to reach elite 1. Can yall at least reimburse us for our time wasted? Jesus.


  • MatzeXX
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    Congratz EA, 95000 for elite 1. Supporting bots that sell the coins for money. That means no fifa for me today, will play something else maybe pes. If that's what they want, they can have it. :smile:
  • maksi
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    Nobody at EA reads this, you're wasting your time.
  • Lov3ll
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    I was buzzing thinking i'm in with a shot at finishing in top 100. Looked today be lucky to even finish in Elite 1 :D
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