The BIGGEST flaw of Pro Clubs: Retiring Your Club

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Don't get me wrong, I understand why EA did this, but it is a problem when a group of friends play Pro Clubs with a team for hundreds of matches and then, just because they don't like their win/loss record, are allowed to retire the club and start again in Division 10, but with the same highly rated players.

This for me encourages bad behaviors where their is zero punishment, and actually encourages people to quit and start again so that their record can look good by beating newbies in the lower divisions.

It is tricky becuse individuals DO work hard to build up their pro and genuinely will move to other clubs but I believe if we started our pros at the base level again after retiring a club, it would be MUCH more balanced.

The solution just now is to simply play through the pain barrier untill YOU can get a higher rated pro but, again, you will get lots of natural losses whilst playing against much higher rated players in lower divisions.

And when you get those natural losses while you build your player up, the solution is of retire your club and start again!

It is a very cyclical problem and the biggest issue with Pro Clubs right now.
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