whats the best team you've played against and won?

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which the best team have you played against and won knowing that you team was far inferior?


  • Purplejacket
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    edited May 2020
    Who tf cares? Bet u think the team wins games ey?
  • Moy
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    Got nothing to do with how good the rating is 🤦
    I’ve beaten supa-dupa 92+ rated teams and had my backside handed to me by a 83 rated team when I’ve put out a 89 team myself 😂😂
  • mhh1981
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    Just played a 195 today. Won 5-1. To be fair, I have a 195 but the game was wide open. I prefer playing against high rated teams as they tend to actually want to play the game as opposed to 4231 drop back.
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