• EA - quick look at your forum and you can clearly see how many people still play and loves CM.

    With the E-Sport direction football games took in the last few years, there's only one hope to keep both fronts happy.

    You need to bring back option to play Simulation/Arcade style.
    This way you can still have fast, end to end, flashy football online and realistic, slower, more error driven gameplay offline.

    There are sliders, speed settings, but none of them really fixes core things that are deep in the code. Nerfing AI defenders had a big impact on offline gameplay. AI players dont tackle, dont press.
    You have overhaul free kick system, but if AI dont press and tackle - we will not see free kicks.

    I changed all the setting to Full Manual to increase challenge for myself, but even with that - its no fun if AI is just standing off.

    Last year I suggested to Zaro to introduce new slider - AI aggression, which would determine how much pressing and tackles will occur from AI. That would bring more fouls, more physicality and more battles on the pitch.
    He said it was a great idea and passed it on (allegedly).
    Unfortunately - till the end of the cycle Fifa19 had no fouls.

    Now we have 20 and very similar situation. Some might argue its worse, since AI does not press and tackles at all now.

    Please understand - fouls are main part of football, physicality is main part of football.

    Career Mode should not suffer just because online players love end to end lightning football and some imaginary skill gap. If you are a good player - you will create skill gap and you dont need to dumb everything down.

    Please bring back Simulation/Arcade option and give something for people who love football, not table soccer.
  • Greetings EA. Since Fifa 99 I have been a loyal customer to this particular genre of EA and have dedicated many years of funding in support of a game I'm apart of not only on gaming consoles but as a player as well. This is my first complaint as I can no longer hold back from announcing ongoing issues of this ne title. As programmers, analysts and various other gaming developers yo guys must know many are dissatisfied and wondering WHY there are so many errors with gameplay that will eventually hurt the sells of this title in the future. All around gameplay is horrible and as a player I'm highly disappointed in the amount if corrections implemented to enjoy a game already supported by millions of funding. Shooting, passing, dribbling etc is unrealistic as it appears authentic realism was planned to incorporate the actual technicalities which give the gamer a very awkward approach when performing actions that dont resemble actual authenticity. If this year's fifa does not improve I will not buy next year's volume due to the under developments presented after purchases which proves a sense of incompetence in game development. I'm also realizing the bias between players of color get called for fouls that dont constitute warnings or ejections as opposed to those of no color. I speak for many who say this game is trash and the fact patches are needed to alleviate to many errors after complete orders of this title were purchased before actual release dates. Make the game right the first time and these issues would not present to be displeasing to the developers that are ordained to create simulation style experiences in the gaming industry. Wheres the passion and consideration for authenticity?? I'm not going for it as there are many including myself that have dedicated years of study in technology that dream of becoming a game developer just shows the lack of passion while your pockets are fattened undeserving of such. Career mode skill moves still ate an issue as 5 star dribbles are not obtainable even at max skill ratings. This is a total let down and unfair to those who have paid the way for you guys to continue doing what you do but definitely not representative of the best possible efforts. I hope you realize the bias taken into accord for the lackluster approach of the past few fifa as the most recent titles are not at all enjoyable! Refund us or fix this asap!
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    More short-term injuries (1 day - 1 week)

    Less long-term injuries (1 month or more)
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    1. We should be able to save 5 Manager Profiles for quick starts to CM, fed up of creating myself EVERY new CM..

    2. We should be able to change the height/body shape of our Manager..

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    Can't wait for the Fifa 21 Career Mode Deep Dive!!
  • Achap
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    can anyone explain or answer?:

    "Within the setup of a new Career Mode save you can set the amount of cash you want your club to receive as part of financial takeover. Whether you want to give your club a whopping 500 million or start with next to nothing, you can customize your experience how you want to."

    Premier league teams get so much money now, it's not exciting to build a team when you can buy almost anyone. It was always more exciting in the past to be building your team and be hoping a financial take over happens so you can get a couple good players.

    I would like to be able to set the transfer budgets for career mode, whether by limitation of all in the league (still accounting for performance and club prestige) or by reducing / increasing by percentage.

    For example: "Reduce transfer budgets by ,10, 25, 50, 75% - increase transfer budgets by 5, 10, 25%"

    Alternatively, I'd be happy to return to the old style where you have a lower budget at season start, that is supplemented by tournament winnings. It was always exciting that if you were in Champions league you knew you'd be getting $15 mil for the January window.
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    Where is the Fifa 21 Career Mode Deep Dive???
  • Has anyone had a problem with career mode, the background colour changing on the main screen? I can only take a team to the 9th of August and then the colour changes from blue and black to a green/white and blacK? It’s only career mode, I’ve installed the game 2 times
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    Where is Elland Road?
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    Why aren't you fixing anything in Title Updates!? The following list of issues doesn't even include all of the countless amount of removed features you have needlessly removed over the past few years:

    * Leagues/Teams in Edit Real Player need to be in ALPHABETICAL ORDER just like they are in Kick-Off when you select your team and once you've edited / saved a player it should load back to that player you were last editing so you can carry on editing the rest of that team!! It's currently in jumbled order and reverts back to your team (even after editing a player in another league) which makes it very time consuming to edit players!! This bug has been in since the launch of Fifa 20 and reported hundreds of times.. It was still present in the Beta so i reported it in the Beta forums and its STILL an issue in the Full version!!

    * In Pre-Season & International friendlies the A.I. should be using ALL of their allotted 7 substitutes, including during Sim & Quick Sim.. Especially pre-season as the whole point of these games is for Fitness & Match Sharpness? (This is hopefully changed to 12 on Next Gen!! 12 named, 12 useable..)

    * Remove From Shortlist: It still reverts all the way back to the top of your list when you remove a player from your Transfer Shortlist, this makes things unnecessarily time consuming. Can you please make it so it just goes to the next player in your list so you can continue scrolling through your shortlist once you have removed a player from it?

    * Can't Scout a Player In Transfer Shortlist? This option is available if you click on a player in your GTN results but not when you click on him in your Transfer Shortlist? Why!? Please add this!

    * Set as Captain button needs to be added on the Team Sheet menu so you can freely change your captain at one click of a button (when hovering over player)

    * You removed the E-Mail Inbox Shortcut (Triangle on PS4) from Fifa 19 for Fifa 20's Career Mode but then re-added it back via a post launch Title Update, but only for Manager Career.. Can you please add it back to the Player Career menu too?

    * Enquire About Player: Can you please add this setting back that you removed too..

    * Set Price For Player: I always get offers for my players which are unnacceptable, there should be an option like in Football Manager to Set Price, which is automatically accepted if a team offers the requested amount..

    * Offer To Clubs: I have 5 players Transfer Listed and didn't get 1 offer for any of them in the whole Transfer Window!? Wait i lie, i got ONE offer for ONE player 24 hours after the Transfer Window had closed 🙄 please add an Offer To Clubs option (Sell & Loan) which see you get multiple offers for the player within 24 hours, this would be especially useful on Transfer Deadline Day!!

    * Talks STILL breaking down for many fringe/youth players i am trying to Sell/Loan out!! Its hard enough getting transfer offers as it is, so this makes things extra frustrating..

    * Contract offers of +1 Year! You see many real life contracts in real life where the club has the option of extended a player's contract for a further year..

    Example: 4 Year contract + Option of Further Year..

    * Players who have coloured accessories also wear that colour when playing in away & 3rd kits. They also take that default home kit accessory colour with them when transferred to another team. So if Pogba has red wrist tape for Man Utd, he wears red wrist tape when playing in the navy away kit and black/white 3rd kit and also when transferred to Chelsea who play in BLUE. We need a "Same as Kit" colour setting for accessories..

    * Global Transfer Network search results: Can you please remove players who have recently moved clubs, it makes things very time consuming adding players to your shortlist that you are provided from the search results, to find out you cant buy or loan them anyway as you get a "This player has only just joined club so not available for transfer" message. They shouldn't be included in search results.. Or add a filter to not show recently transferred players?

    * There is still no filter in the Global Transfer Network to search for specific footed players only, so i can search for:

    CB / Left Footed

    * Please add an option of not showing players in Search Results that are out of my Transfer & Wage Budgets.. I have Ronaldo in My Search Results for a ST? I am West Ham!!

    * In Career Mode, when you change to another club, your chosen squad number will stay with your player, even though another player has the same number, resulting in two players on the field with the same number. Any attempt to change this will only succeed for one match. This was also an issue in Fifa 20..

    * Stop sending offers the HOUR after the Deadline has passed! I got an offer from Inter of £9million+Nainggolan for Maguire? (£9million and a 33 year old for an £80 million rated CB!?) within 24 hours of the window shutting! It clearly states the transfer window has passed but it will go through the next window (January), why not make the offer an hour earlier! I can understand getting offers in December which go through in January but not the day after the Transfer Window closes! This is obviously a bug..

    * STILL can't assign Cold Weather Gear to players in Create / Edit Player & also to your Manager in Career Mode. Even though this setting is available to Data Reviewers?

    * Still can't set / edit a players Potential stat in Edit Real Player / Create a Player.

    * Still can't edit generic faces for Real players who have a generic face or re-gens. (All you need to do is open the "Head" section in Edit Real Player)

    * New Star Heads still don't work in existing Career Mode saves! But you have now made it so kits do.. Can you PLEASE do the same for Star Heads!?

    * Created players can't be put into National teams.

    * Juan Mata playing for Leicester in game before they ask to buy.

    * Fred swap for Tonali agreed and purchased and email request for same comes through week after transfers complete

    * After each match, the game doesn't show a 2D player picture in the bottom left, whilst the player does have a 2D player picture in Fifa 21..

    * Wrong Premier League fixtures

    * Wrong Europa League Groups

    * The probable lineup sometimes shows players in the wrong positions

    * After a match, "undefined" can sometimes appear instead of a player's name. Another bug that was in Fifa 20 as well..

    * After a simulated match in the Premier League the game shows an aggregate above the final result. Been in the game sinch launch and seems to happen after a European match was played..

    * When simulating a match and you're skipping to the end result, the A.I. sometimes makes 4 or 5 substitutes during the game, whilst you can actually only use 3 substitutes.

    * Youth Academy players sometimes have Kalvin Phillips in-game face instead of a random generated face they normally have.

    * In your first press conference as a manager during the Transfer Window the press ask you about Transfer Inactivity even though the 1st Transfer Window setting is Disabled.

    * When the game launched you had the freedom of giving players your desired Release Clause Values, but after Title Update #4 it has changed changed back to work like in Fifa 20 which is boring! Why!?

    * Another bug in Career Mode, where a player requests a new contract straight after signing an extension, and because you've just negotiated a new one they submit a transfer request..

    * At the end of the season the team's board says it will allot $47Million to me next year for Transfers. Next season comes along I get an e-mail. We've increased your Transfer Budget to $26Million! I go and look and the budget and I have $26Million. Wheres the other $21Mmillion???

    * Youth Player Development Traits go down when starting a new season. Happens with a ton of players ever year in the switch from June to July. Has nothing to do with player performance. It's totally random and super annoying. I'll have guys that are 16 and Potential to Be Special suddenly be At the Club Since just from June to July because of this bug..

    * Jump To Result makes player ratings for the game be terrible. Everyone gets a 6.0 regardless of performance. Makes this feature unusable.

    * Substitute Player Ratings are horrible when doing a Quick Sim. Anyone that comes on as a sub in a quick sim game immediately drops to "Bad Form" after the game, even if they play well or only play for a couple minutes. Makes no sense and makes Quick Sim no longer an option

    * In the squad screen preview kits have become white generic kits instead of the club kits.

    * Negotiation Cut-Scene sometimes appears when in squad hub.

    * Every time i try to open a new Career Mode as a manager in the Argentina league the game freezes and takes me out of it to the consoles home screen.

    * I was on International duty with Canada whilst my game completely forgot about my MLS season, it simulated the game with no option to play it!

    * Playing a Career Mode with Rapid Wien. In the 2nd season the Austrian Cup just disappeared from the calendar. I didnt even compete in it..

    * When jumping into a game whilst simulating players become invisable, then when subbed off appear but stay on the pitch..

    * When you have won a league and get the Champions Patch it doesnt revert the previous year's Champions back to the regular Patch, so there are 2 teams wearing the Champions Patch!!

    * Signed Walcott permanently and he gets excited about finalizing the contract then mentions how he is transfer listed, but he is not even available to be transfer listed since I just signed him..

    * There is a bug where teams in and around relegation spots never play an actual striker at striker. No wonder they hardly get any points...


    * Manager Unveiling Press Conference? This should be the first thing you do once you get a new job!!

    * Skill Games: Why do i have Aarons, RB & Diop, CB doing the "Through Balls" Skill Game in Training? Surely it should be the CM/CAM & ST? These scenarios need improving should Defenders do Defending related Skill Games and Attackers do Attacking related ones..

    * Talks STILL breaking down for many fringe/youth players i am trying to Sell/Loan out!! Its hard enough getting transfer offers as it is, so this makes things extra frustrating..

    * Unlock "Head" section in Edit Real Player so we can edit generic player faces!!

    * Commentary Names Not Assigned: I have a Youth player called Fry who doesnt have a Commentary Name in-game, but Fry is available as a Commentary Name in Create Player! So why cant i assign it to him in Edit Real Player under Info? Why is it locked? Please unlock all aspects of this mode, including Info, Body, Animations & Head sections too..

    * More minor Injuries in training, i should frequently get e-mails saying EXAMPLE is out for between 1-5 days.. Maybe add a Slider for Short-Term & Long-Term Injuries?

    * Loan players in real life can't play against parent clubs, so why when i loaned Nketiah from Arsenal is he available for selection against them? He should be unvailable and i should get an e-mail before the game to tell me this so i can make adjustments to my squad.. Same for Loaned out players playing against me!!

    * Goals & Assists shouldn't count from Pre-Season! I am 2 games in to my Premier League season and it says Lingard has 4 goals in the past 4 matches!? I've only played 2 games.. So why are Pre-Season games being counted?

    * I spend all that time editing my Manager's appearance for you to automatically put a big winter coat on him in winter / when it rains etc!? Why not just add Cold Weather Gear as an option!? I might not want to wear a jacket in Cold Weather!! Stop forcing things upon us..

    * Accessories Colours: Why can't i edit the colour of the headband i put on my Player/Manager? Why can't i select a Maroon tie so it suits my West Ham Career Mode? Why is there only default tolie colours available? Just add a Colour Wheel for all accessories!! (Pattern, Colour 1, Colour 2 etc)

    * Option To Buy / make a Loan Player permanant

    * Glasses as Accessories for Created Managers so we can atleast try and recreate Klopp seeing as are we locked out of using Real Managers.

    * More Hairstyles for Player / Manager Career! You have added 30+ new generic hairstyles for generic faces for Data Reviewers so why not add them into the game too!? Also add ALL hairstyles from VOLTA too! (Why does that mode have hairstyles that arent in Create Player!?)

    P.S. Please tell the devs to see @CareerModeBugs on Twitter and regularly fix Career Mode bugs/issues in future Title Updates @EA_Cade as it's no good adding new features if all these things aren't addressed first? The game is unplayable until all these issue are fixed..
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