• EA - quick look at your forum and you can clearly see how many people still play and loves CM.

    With the E-Sport direction football games took in the last few years, there's only one hope to keep both fronts happy.

    You need to bring back option to play Simulation/Arcade style.
    This way you can still have fast, end to end, flashy football online and realistic, slower, more error driven gameplay offline.

    There are sliders, speed settings, but none of them really fixes core things that are deep in the code. Nerfing AI defenders had a big impact on offline gameplay. AI players dont tackle, dont press.
    You have overhaul free kick system, but if AI dont press and tackle - we will not see free kicks.

    I changed all the setting to Full Manual to increase challenge for myself, but even with that - its no fun if AI is just standing off.

    Last year I suggested to Zaro to introduce new slider - AI aggression, which would determine how much pressing and tackles will occur from AI. That would bring more fouls, more physicality and more battles on the pitch.
    He said it was a great idea and passed it on (allegedly).
    Unfortunately - till the end of the cycle Fifa19 had no fouls.

    Now we have 20 and very similar situation. Some might argue its worse, since AI does not press and tackles at all now.

    Please understand - fouls are main part of football, physicality is main part of football.

    Career Mode should not suffer just because online players love end to end lightning football and some imaginary skill gap. If you are a good player - you will create skill gap and you dont need to dumb everything down.

    Please bring back Simulation/Arcade option and give something for people who love football, not table soccer.
  • Greetings EA. Since Fifa 99 I have been a loyal customer to this particular genre of EA and have dedicated many years of funding in support of a game I'm apart of not only on gaming consoles but as a player as well. This is my first complaint as I can no longer hold back from announcing ongoing issues of this ne title. As programmers, analysts and various other gaming developers yo guys must know many are dissatisfied and wondering WHY there are so many errors with gameplay that will eventually hurt the sells of this title in the future. All around gameplay is horrible and as a player I'm highly disappointed in the amount if corrections implemented to enjoy a game already supported by millions of funding. Shooting, passing, dribbling etc is unrealistic as it appears authentic realism was planned to incorporate the actual technicalities which give the gamer a very awkward approach when performing actions that dont resemble actual authenticity. If this year's fifa does not improve I will not buy next year's volume due to the under developments presented after purchases which proves a sense of incompetence in game development. I'm also realizing the bias between players of color get called for fouls that dont constitute warnings or ejections as opposed to those of no color. I speak for many who say this game is trash and the fact patches are needed to alleviate to many errors after complete orders of this title were purchased before actual release dates. Make the game right the first time and these issues would not present to be displeasing to the developers that are ordained to create simulation style experiences in the gaming industry. Wheres the passion and consideration for authenticity?? I'm not going for it as there are many including myself that have dedicated years of study in technology that dream of becoming a game developer just shows the lack of passion while your pockets are fattened undeserving of such. Career mode skill moves still ate an issue as 5 star dribbles are not obtainable even at max skill ratings. This is a total let down and unfair to those who have paid the way for you guys to continue doing what you do but definitely not representative of the best possible efforts. I hope you realize the bias taken into accord for the lackluster approach of the past few fifa as the most recent titles are not at all enjoyable! Refund us or fix this asap!
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    More short-term injuries (1 day - 1 week)

    Less long-term injuries (1 month or more)
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    1. We should be able to save 5 Manager Profiles for quick starts to CM, fed up of creating myself EVERY new CM..

    2. We should be able to change the height/body shape of our Manager..

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    Can't wait for the Fifa 21 Career Mode Deep Dive!!
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