Lag and not able to control my defense in Weekend-League and Division Rivals..

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Dear Admin, I invested time and lots of money in this game and i believe someone is really playing with my nerves over here and my money!!!!!!! I am tired in calling the support teams and getting all the time SAME RESULT: MY ISSUE IS NOT FIXED.
Please have a look at my account as I NEVER EVER had issues with my internet connection ( i have a strong one, able to play COD, STARCRAFT, you name it!) and in the past 2-3 months your servers "killed" me constantly... not being able to play properly weekend league... division rivals...
I will appreciate, if someone REALLY REALLY cares about the normal people, if I can ENJOY THIS GAME in a DECENT MANNER!!! That is all I ask!!!!
I just want a bit of RESPECT and decent game-play / fair game-play because i do not have sponsors or big companies behind me, or even being sponsored by EA, i work for living and i PUT QUITE A LOT OF MONEY in this .... game!
I have my limits though.. I have done all the troubleshoot that you asked me.. i raised dozen of tickets.. PLEASE help me regain the pleasure of playing this game!!!!!!!!!

Platform: PS4
Region: Belgium
Player: Bucovina7

Kindly appreciate your help and I am looking forward hearing good news from you.

Kind regards,


  • Chavez76
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    It's not your account ... its the connection.
    And unfortunately, nothing will be done about it via this forum as it 99.999% only players as yourself.

    Got to ask though: how did you invest money in this game when you are from Belgium?
  • shez82
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    It’s the same problem a lot of people get mate, I get it whenever I try and play on a Sat or Sun afternoon. It is down to server connection, not your end, EA
  • Bucovina7
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    Not only this mate! The problem needs to be solved! We are talking about cheating as well.. I noticed it multiple times! For example.. a few minutes ago my last confirmation..
    1st half all fine, works perfectly.. leading 2-0
    2nd half.. my players cannot be moved at all and hitting the post AT EVERY LITTLE SHOT ON TARGET!!!! this is NOT internet problems dear Chavez, yes?

    ADMIN, PLEASE CHECK MY LAST GAME versus Be__Gr33n!!!! and you will have your answers!!!!!
    I WANT THIS THING FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pedrodnl
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    This company don’t make fifa for people who want to play it it’s only for people to buy FIFA points when the they make more out of FIFA points than the game itself... I hope some day that someone make them pay hard and this company just lose everything because how greedy they are and they just don’t care about the gameplay we have the pack luck and then we have the gameplay luck and when you are playing just pray you don’t get hit by the think we all know but they don’t want us to talk about.
    I don’t know if you played FIFA 17 if you don’t just play a game and you see how bad the gameplay for the past years is hitting rock bottom.
  • Bucovina7
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    Totally agree Pedrodnl! I hope that day will come too! The problem is that a normal person will not enjoy the game, because of greedy... I hope that day will come mate!
    We are too small for them to care and therefore they will do NOTHING.. so... it is time for me to put at the bottom of the ocean this game, as it become a "eating money" thing and not a pleasure anymore!
    I have a saying mate: "we will all pay for what we have done.. sooner or later!"
    All the best, and stay safe people!
  • Yossi88
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    To the admin pass on messages to ea show them how ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the game is
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