5 games unbeatable then....

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The old usual. 15 points from 5 games and flying players going everything I'd expect then it came. The bad run.

Four defeats the last two after dominating and I hit the post 3 times.no way not having it.

bought a draw so I went up. Don't normally do it but if it's going to cheat me...


  • marktko
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    And it continues. Weak passes. No runs nothing. I've lost 6 in a row now and just poor play and unlucky in all.

    The fifa cycle.


    EA that's it

  • i love the feel of the player movement in Fifa 20, but the results are the most whack theyve ever been. anf for that Fifs 20 sucks
  • Truxon
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    Easy, u r in the momentum
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