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I tweaked my xbox with settings and it has extremely low latency, and super fast upload and dowioad speeds with all settings for network and display.. However, i still experience some problems against some players like the game becomes unresponsive at the critical positions and i lose the ball questinably (weirdly) after sometime..and, even if my team had almost full stamina and energy, strangely stops running for anything (unresponsive commands) and then the oponent scores. Note that the battery for controller is fully charged and network has no issue at all.. what can it be done for this???
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  • Savvy_MuLLeTT4
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    I also have poor (ish) latency. But from Friday/Saturday onwards it’s felt as if my players aren’t even on the pitch. Slow to react, giving the ball away, Gameplay in general is just slow as hell but it’s not for my opponents as I messaged them asking about it after.
  • SixRacoon40003
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    I noticed that such things happens with some specific regions and country based users.. I think there should be an option to block country based and or regional ip blocking option for not playing against those players.. just a thought
  • Scutch
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    EA servers are absolute trash, unless you live right next to one. Weekends are worse because there's far more demand on them. They won't improve or upgrade them because people still buy every single pack on the market so they're raking it in every single day of every single week.
  • Davola77
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    Just had 2 games in a row in Champs where my players looked like they were strobing or flickering. Never seen this before but still had the usual players stuck in mud, passes going random direction etc while opponent seems unaffected. Given up for the day
  • SixRacoon40003
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    That happens alot, no matter how u set the controller settings, somehow the opponent might be favored strangely or ur player can miss the ball when possessed... Some players specially from uk and italy use lagger tool or servers favor them, i dont know
  • Legend Killer
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    I’m just tired of being booted off the servers whenever I’m winning a rivals game but never seem to have the issue when I’m losing.
  • sergiuT19
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    The game it’s just rubbish!worst ever fifa.players not running, wrong passes and strickers almost all the time waiting for balls in offside position
  • Retro_G
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    It's the awful lag compensation in the game. You'll suffer when your opponents are playing on an unstable wi-fi or mobile hotspot. You always know when you're playing a trash connection. You will see what looks like framerate drops, your opponent will stop moving at different times in the game. He stops moving because his connection is rubberbanding, or what lads refer to in here as speed up lag.
  • SixRacoon40003
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    I know that using mobil connection is quite common so ea lets cheating possible? Furthermore, i blocked a player on xbox one due to the fact that i had suspicion on his cheating (reported too) 5 mins later he was my oponent again.. is that possible?? How so? Whats the point of blocking option?
  • EquinoxShane
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    I found my gameplay is better wired than on WiFi, and opening the Xbox live ports on the router helped a bit.
  • Guvnor
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    This must be one of the busiest fifa weekends with the team of the season and normal weekends are not great. Every game feels soooo slooowwwwe it’s infuriating, my mbappe can not out run base puyol.

    The only fix Is to turn it off and load another game!
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