Totw sbc

319 posts Sunday League Hero
Hey is there anyway we could get this added for us? I know we don’t get the totw moment players but even a chance to pack the totw players we did get would be good.


  • Gingerboaby83
    319 posts Sunday League Hero
    @EA_Roger can you find out if this would be possible mate? Sorry for being a pain.
  • Bertuu
    3 posts Ball Boy
    Yes true it would be great appreciation if we could get this totw sbc. We aren't getting the moments card so at least it would be nice to get previous cards 😊
  • Prettyfly
    251 posts Sunday League Hero
    At least give us something please @EA_Roger we have been stuck totw 26 for several weeks now the market has few special cards available anymore and the reintroduction of some of these cards would help keep interest up
  • ChappellRovers
    3069 posts National Call-Up
    I agree, we had a totw sbc earlier in the year if we could just get that again without the moments cards which we don’t receive that would be fantastic.
  • Gingerboaby83
    319 posts Sunday League Hero
    No chance of this happening then I take it? Worth a shot of asking.
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