What Storyline player to take?

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Reviews on who you guys took? Struggling as Fred can replace my 89 Kante but Belotti looks insane as a sub


  • Onedoesntsimply
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    Got Belotti and don't regret it one bit. Great finishing and nothing better than having a striker with 5* WF.
  • JED_JD
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    None of the players would really get in my team, but I'm torn between fred and belotti, ngl the belotti looks very fun
  • Wurrsmycash
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    Fred can most certainly not replace Kante.

    Got him today and was really looking forward to him.... absolute trash. Cant pass, tackle, intercept or anything. Really bad card unfortunately. I have hazard Untradable hazard and more than enuf strikers in Seria A so covered there but just not getting on with the card
  • Stewuk73
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    I went for Belotti but not used him yet
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