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Kluivert 92 moment
Drogba 91 Prime
Shevchenko 93 moment

Would like to save couple hundred coin and get Van Nistel but don’t want to be disappointed not getting Drogba.

Any advice?


  • FijiBoy
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    edited April 15
    Sheva, finesse shots and curve added to finish it off. Other 2 options lack that.
  • Yusuuke76
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    edited April 15
    To be honest, none of them... From the cheap options Sanchez, little bit more expensive, Butragueno or Dalglish.
  • diavolo
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    Del Piero, Zola, Crespo, Raul...
  • Ballerson
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    Thanks. Bought Drogba 89 Drogba earlier than I saw the responses. Wish I had 91 Drogba...may just see how it goes w him and buy 92 Sanches if I’m able later.
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