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EA team, I have a couple ideas for newer version of FIFA:

1. The Mercato.

The idea is to have a mercato 2 or 3 times during the season. Fifa players could exchange untradeable players during a period of time.
We all have a bunch of untradeable players acquired from SBC, Upgrades, Rewards... but sometimes they just don't fit our squad(s), so it would be great to exchange our untradeable players with other players.
It would be limited to untradeable ones, both players would agree on players, players + coins, 1 player for 2 players depending on virtual value (OVR rating and CHM).

2. Transition of squad between FIFA version.
It would be a good idea to keep a couple players from our Ultimate team FIFA 20 to start FIFA 21. Limited to a couple players who would become untradeable (if not already) in FIFA 21. Other idea would be to keep the entire squad to start FIFA 21 but for limited games like loan players.

It would a way to reward long time players, good players,...

Your thoughts?


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