Is fifa no longer a football game?

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Because it doesn't feel like it. I'm not just talking about the gameplay either, as fifa has never really been an accurate simulation of real football.

However, it did used to feel like there was a connection between football and fifa. I remember being excited about certain players performing well because they might get into the totw. Now they release so many non-performance based special cards that completely trump regular informs, rendering the totw useless. We have second division players as some of the best players on the game, icons who don't play anymore completely dominating high-level play.

Don't get me wrong, icons were a welcome addition at first, but the problem occurs when the same icons become a part of every "endgame" team and this same endgame team is the same every fifa. There is so little variety. People can have all these icons within a month of the games release and the game becomes more pay-to-win than ever.

It also further disconnects fifa from real football. As much as I want to use my favourite players from the past, I also want to use players that are performing well right now. I remember when they released the world cup mode in 2018, where they would update players stats based on their performances in the tournament. It was great, I was enjoying it. I was excited for the world cup to so I could see the players I packed have their stats upgraded. That was until about 2 days after it came out, they released easily attainable icons. Before the world cup even started everyone had full icon teams and the mode was no longer a world cup mode but an icon mode. The incentive to keep playing it throughout the world cup was completely lost. They ruined a mode in an instant.

I'm not a big gamer, but I got into fifa because I like football. I would watch football at the weekend and then I'd play a few games of fifa afterwards. Of course this isn't really applicable right now whilst the season is suspended, but I had these thoughts long before.
The game doesn't feel like a game for football fans anymore, it's just like every other game centred around grinding and spending money to get the desirable items. If I wanted a grinding game with ❤️❤️❤️❤️ gameplay, I'd play fifa mobile.

I don't respect it, but from a business side of things I get why they're doing it, to appeal to a wider audience and get people spending more hours and money on the game. It gets people addicted and definitely isn't healthy. People probably spend more time doing sbcs and objectives than they do playing for fun these days. Personally, when fifa no longer becomes about football I have no interest in it.

How do others feel about the direction EA is going with fifa?


  • Renamed12345678
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    After the next batch of icon objectives I am done. Not going to bother with it. Save time
  • Mattheos
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    It's not even a fun arcade game.
  • A5B
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    But it has dramatic moments!
  • G000ner
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    A5B wrote: »
    But it has dramatic moments!

    Oh how we all love those "dramatic" moments
  • AjaxLegends
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    It’s all up to you if it’s still a real football sim. Play the football you like with the players you love. Won’t matter for your result either unless you’re going for Elite for your ego, or if Fifa is your livelihood.
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