Game crash from crossed goals

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Any acknowledgement by EA on this? Game crashes on PS4 when scoring from a cross. Just happened again during WL 3-1 up in the 86th no less...


  • John_Barnes
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    The YouTube “pro’s” hated and complained about heading that much last year.

    So this year it’s nerfed it to the point where pure heading machines like IM Drogba (who’s icon moments statement talks about his monumental performance against Bayern in the CL scoring a last minute header ) now heads the ball like a my dog in the garden.

    However, some really unrealistic goals were still being scored against them by this “heading glitch” the only course of action EA could do is write a self destruct code for us cheats scoring these types of goals to exploit great players using the meta of Yedder and Kent (real life giants).

    So I suppose we get what deserve 🤣
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