Orsic, Kent and adama.. WHY THESE TRIO?



  • Homer
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    I’m a Rangers fan, so to have a player that is usable in WL then I’m going to use him.

    I’m using a full bundesliga team and bring Kent on to replace potm Sancho or otw T.Hazard.
  • John_Barnes
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    if you own and use any of those 3 players, you're a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ in my book

    100% this
  • Jonboyparker
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    It people did the sbcs and objectives where else will they use them?

    I’ve never spent coins on a bench player in Fifa 20. I use what I have and the chances are those 3 players are the best most people have. Why would You bring on Abraham when he’s awful for example.

    My subs are futBday D.Costa, James and Rooney by the way. Kent kills me every game which is annoying. Wonder if he’s fun to use but I don’t have him.
  • Hammer316
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    Ballerson wrote: »
    DannySTFC wrote: »
    If you say they don’t cause you problems, which is hard to believe unless you’re in D10 because those players off the bench in the right hands are scary players, then why are you bothered that people use them?

    I hate these players because I have given up too many counter attack set pieces because I either make a mistake, or the game works against me... I have made enough mistakes to turn the ball over and then counter is on - goal, game changer — but then I have not made mistakes and still get punished for no reason. I should be allowed to set up my set pieces as I want, not as EA wants — EA limits us so they retain control — I want to be able to make it so I never can be counter attacked...and the only viable way to keep from getting counterattacked is to simply kick the ball out of bounds...its ridiculous ... but If I have a lead, I just kick the ball out of bounds —. EA you are lame for setting this game up so that we cannot control how we defend our set pieces— you EA tricked set pieces out so we are horribly vulnerable — so all that can be done is to just kick the ball out of bounds...this is crapola football but EA set it up this way, so it is what it is...

    I know what you mean about set pieces. Playing against these sweaty wing pace players they are waiting for you to get a corner. Our all they play for.
  • Blackbird10
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    HL Adama is so good as a super sub. I’m not very good at skills so he comes in very useful as an outlet against a tiring full back.
  • Saiyajin
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    Kent is a bugged card playing like a 1,5 mio player
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