Flashback Taarabt SBC out now!



  • RileyD
    1851 posts Fans' Favourite
    This little gem just came off the bench to score a late winner for me in Rivals against a self relegating, drag back abuser

    Pure bliss!
  • Cornushon
    4846 posts Big Money Move
    Perfect fodder. But then, 88 is probably cost less
  • CeeQue
    12747 posts Has That Special Something
    Cornushon wrote: »
    Perfect fodder. But then, 88 is probably cost less

    You can do Sudamericana SBC for less than 30k plus you packs back. Albeit crap but still you can roll the dice.
  • ChappellRovers
    3069 posts National Call-Up
    Did it with 80% untradeables mainly due to low requirements. Gonna use him as a sub as his stamina is trash, if hes no good (haven’t actually used him yet) then it’ll be a nice high rated fodder card just like FB Diaz.
  • Retro_G
    33018 posts National Team Captain
    Taarabt review, well worth the 40k.

  • YB_11_
    372 posts Sunday League Hero
    My quickest completed sbc ever😂

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