Birthday Griezmann

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I know there are many posts about him already but what's his best position in your opinion, Cam or St? And chem style?


  • S-Dog
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    Definitely CAM, I use hunter
  • Soulja1985
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    edited March 2020
    11 games and 25 goals at St for me. 10 wl games and 1 sb. He scores some amazing goals from silly angles. Kinda got me enjoying fifa again.
  • Zeke1216
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    Cdm right next to sissoko
  • mypetfrog
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    Bought him tonight. 8 games as CAM and absolutely love him. Scoring finesse shots from outside the box on his right foot, while defenders all protect his left. So much fun. Worth every penny.

    Also, yes to Hunter.
  • DoubleDeuces
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    Griezmann is unreal. I'm using him at CAM with hunter as well. Such a fun player to use. He's always in the right spot and can't stop scoring. That Rashford on the other hand...sold him after 5 games. Big disappointment.
  • HysxteriA
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    Can confirm the above. Absolute game changer. Whilst I prepped for WL I've just been in 4 single player games, 2 rage quits and 3 hatricks. He's on another level. He's that good I've fully committed now and done SBC Vidal. No player this year has done that and I change teams weekly.
  • L1vingl1fe
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    Packed him yesterday. Insta sold and bought birthday rashford.
  • mypetfrog
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    L1vingl1fe wrote: »
    Packed him yesterday. Insta sold and bought birthday rashford.

  • HRodMusic
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    He was a solid player for me but, not 1.6m worth.
  • mypetfrog
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    1.2M on xbox and worth every penny. Even if he gets a TOTS card it'll not be 5*WF so this will be the best Griezmann card in the game. It's such a benefit not having to push him onto his left foot. Game changer :)

    Same with Birthday Mbappe, his 5*5* makes that his best card in the game. Such a good promo.
  • Tylercftla
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    Have him paired with toty mbappe in 4-4-2 with hawk chem. 4 games 7 goals and 4 assists. Was using his otw as a sub before. This one is much better with the 5wf
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