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Hi guys,

I'm new to the FIFA forums as of about 20 minutes ago, however I've been playing FIFA UT properly since I was 10, on FIFA 14.

I've been seeing a lot of posts on social media of FIFA players reminiscing about their favourite Fifa's, including cards, card designs and soundtracks, particularly FIFA 14,15,16 & 17.

As we have just seen EA re-open the FIFA 19 Weekend League, it got me thinking.... what if EA released all Ultimate Teams onto a singular game (Similar to the Halo Master Chief Collection), where you are able to play Ultimate Team from previous years, something named like "FIFA Years".

Simply put, the collection would work on a basis similar to the 2014 & 2018 World Cup modes, where coins and fifa points are shared across UT game modes. My idea for this was that users could purchase fifa points (or maybe even potentially coins ;) ) off the FUT store, and this would be shared across the different versions of FUT, from the first title to the most recent.

Example: A user may purchase 2200 fifa points from the store, then purchase a rare gold pack on fifa 15 UT, then use the remaining 2050 on fifa 17 UT.

Taking into consideration some issues in terms of the games function, we may need to see things like:

- EA forcing cards onto the market so that there are no extinct players.
- EA placing price ranges onto cards (even from fifa 14)
- EA changing club badges, names and kits, similar to what we have seen with Piemonte Calcio (for licensing reasons)

Whilst as a community we sometimes complain about EA's regulation of FIFA UT, I can't see any other way this would work than by them doing what's mentioned above.

This idea would not only generate a decent amount of $$ for EA, but it would also attract an extraordinary amount of players, including those who don't play FIFA anymore.

We'd see more of the OG FIFA content creators return to uploading and streaming, old fifa players returing to use their favourite cards from over the years, and there would generally be a lot of hype placed on this - something which I couldn't see EA complaining about.

Whilst it's considered that it may detract from the attention placed on the current FIFA franchise (FIFA 20), considering the current climate and how its affecting the calendar dates of football, I would love to see this sort of thing being released.

If you think this is something that would be awesome and you would definitely play this sort of this thing, please give this a like and a comment.

Would be sick to see this get enough support that we could grab EA's attention!!!
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