Error at match results and counted as a loss

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Happened twice in a row playing squad battles on Legendary. Funny thing is it didn't happen on one I played on Professional.

"EA server is unable to process the request" right at the match results. I won 10-0 on legendary while the match is counted as a 0-3 loss. I may miss out on Elite 1 coz of this.

Anyone else experienced this? Is there anything EA help does about it?


  • d3b4s1s
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    This happened 4 times today, both rivals & squad battles.

    EA help says it’s a internet connection issue and nothing to do with their servers. How can it be a connection issue if the whole match runs fine and shows error exactly at results, with no issue in logging in and starting another game? I know intelligence is not their thing, but what about common sense?

    What’s the point in playing games when it kicks you out randomly and gives you a loss?
  • d3b4s1s
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    Happened today in WL, I won 2-0 disconnected and gave me a loss.

    Is no one else experiencing this?
  • d3b4s1s
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    I'm still getting this. Getting a lot of losses for no reason, in every game mode

    Contacted EA support, they said the server are fine, I should check with the ISP. I don't have any other issue with my internet, not with any other online games. just this.

    From what I see in AnswerHQ, a lot of people have the same issue.

    Is there any solution anyone knows to this?
  • Roobar
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    It was happening all last weekend too , sadly don't expect a quick fix
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