Undefined for Carabao cup

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Existing career mode carabao cup undefined name. Europa league. Empty name slot. Fa cup totally empty line up and no name in formation. Really EA? Really? After all this? You didn't bother about the career mode. Now you adding this? Really EA? Do we need to pay extra for career mode that you guys will make it a playable game mode. First the lineups the cpu uses youngster. Then follow by unrealistic table and unaligned league table. Then u guys decide to just tune up the ultimate difficulty. And now this? Really EA? Is there anything we could help that you guys don't screw up big time? Not making money EA? You guys should test it out before releasing new patch. Not just blindly releasing a new patch update and pray its gonna be fine. Damn you EA! Fix this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ a.s.a.p


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