0 owners player with expired contracts

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edited March 10
Okay guys,

How come a player has no contracts and has no matches played as well??

Please convince me this is not listed by EA. I was lucky enough to buy him at 58th minute and I consider this a bargain :)


BTW bought him for 1,250,000 BIN!


  • Ispeakthetruth
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    Looks a dead cert from EA. How much did he cost. Looks a good card
  • Carlo
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    After a couple of refreshes it shows 2 owners now and the actual price and I just realized that it was showing as untradeable! Now it is at least tradeable with the actual price that I bought him for. 995704cfe5195f1fa667059ace5b517a.png

  • TheTataGuy
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    Cards that EA put on the market
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