How do people adapt so fast?

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I'm struggling hard after this new patch. Somehow I can't defend properly, tackles don't work, players don't intercept easy balls, even selected and jockeying and also can't attack very well, because everyone has such a crowded box and after a dozen passes around the box trying to find a space you end up losing the ball at some point.

But I play against people who seem extremely well adapted to this mess. They can somehow glide through my defenders, they can pass right into blanc and somehow the ball goes to their badly positioned striker who magically retains the ball after being tackled three times, etc etc.

I mean, is it a youtuber teaching how to play post patch, or something? Or am I just plain dumb?


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    I'm affraid it might be the later. But not exactly dumb in the IQ sense of the word. Evolution did this to our brains. It's called fluid intelligence. We are extremly fast to adapt to even the slightest change in the environment, in this case game rules. Some are just a little bit better, and it goes away with age. Younger brains are making faster neuron connections and the process of learning and forgeting old habits is happening in a blink of an eye.

    That being said, you probably experience a little bit of one sided lag as well, and players might be better to begin with.
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