Will you be returning for FUT21?



  • Hubbabubba
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    Returned for 21 after several years without any gaming.
    Not really impressed as only difference was better graphics, more content and worse online performance.
    Shocked that the AI part is still just as dumb as it was. Quite annoying to see the attackers run in a straight line all the way to the goal line and stand there in an offside position.

    With the money they cash in I really expected more.
  • lastfifa
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    edited March 5
    If i get game for 14€ like this game. Will buy it but will not invest time or grind it. Been pretty bored with game for last two editions. Now only play couple games in a week. Still grind lots of bpm and leagues on phone as i have lots time to waste between meetings and travels.
  • Freiberger88
    85 posts Park Captain
    Yes! But if they remove league SBCs as is now, I'm out. I will not pay to play, and league SBCs is a great way to make money on this game. If they remove, 21 it's my last fifa, cause I will not take any more BS from this company
  • TheMightyBee
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    edited March 5
    Na, the game just isn't fun anymore nor are the SBC's. There is not much to do and the objectives remove even more fun.

    In general I don't enjoy playing games so much anymore anyway and there are lots of ways to get a football fix out there with little apps and manager games. Delay and lag have been a big issue for me and I don't experience it when streaming 4k movies or playing other games.

    EA also are treating customers pretty poorly and don't seem to show any real care or communication to sort things out. If an issue impacts the customer base we get radio silence mostly, if something damages EA it's resolved within hours.

    A lot of time and money is not something I'm willing to invest in a company who takes customers for granted.
  • Supernibz
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    99% of people will be back no matter how bad EA make the game
  • Antiversum
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    Didn't buy 20 and won't buy 21. I am just here to enjoy the Salt of the forum.
  • A_Snipe
    2531 posts Fans' Favourite
    I’d like the say no but that summer hype gets me. But I’d probably get the ps5 one
  • AlexBear012
    2196 posts Fans' Favourite
    so basically everyone will return?

    alright :#
  • Waylone
    34 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Played Ultimate Team this year for the first time ever and couldn’t be further away from doing it again in fifa 21 (might buy it second hand like I have always done)
  • alex1987
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    kaaasen wrote: »
    Futfanatic wrote: »
    kaaasen wrote: »
    I feel that FutFanatic has ruined the SBC-part of the game (for me).

    What @kaaasen ? hahaha

    Whooops! My bad. Ment @FutEconomist, not you @Futfanatic 😂

    They are actually one and the same
  • ChappellRovers
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    On the fence about getting FIFA 21. Depends what the servers are like for me, we have been having lots of problems in the past two weeks where they don’t work or I am getting menu and game lag for the first time this year (im on Nintendo Switch). I am happy with the gameplay finally - on Switch it is a mix of Fifa 17/18, which is so much better than console for me as I hate frostbite nerfing. For example heading is still a thing on Nintendo Switch. There is less content but it doesn’t bother me.

    So it just depends on the servers for me. At the end of the day whats the point in buying a game where the servers never work because it is rare you can actually play the game you have bought. If they stay up for a full month without going down, the menu and game lag go away again (last two weeks we have been getting it) then I will probably buy it again.

    I don’t use Fifa points either so it isn’t a bad deal for me paying £40 for a game I can play for hundreds of hours.
  • ManC2020
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    Futfanatic wrote: »
    kaaasen wrote: »
    I feel that FutFanatic has ruined the SBC-part of the game (for me).

    What @kaaasen ? hahaha

    That's what I said. What? Lol
  • Nodge86
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    The only opinion of value here is @Fifa_Hawk_85 can’t wait to witness his emotional rollercoaster again.
  • warrent80
    711 posts Semi-Pro
    SYMMO19 wrote: »
    Absolutely no chance...I could write an essay on the reasons why but i'll keep it short.

    I hate the way the mode has gone, I hate the community and I hate the company that produces the game.

  • Countyg
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  • Fifa_Hawk_85
    15328 posts World Class
    Nodge86 wrote: »
    The only opinion of value here is @Fifa_Hawk_85 can’t wait to witness his emotional rollercoaster again.

    No drama from me this year. I've accepted it for what it is :D
  • Monsta
    1825 posts Play-Off Hero
    Will buy it, play until Christmas and then not touch it until Fifa 22
  • Shaanxz
    21239 posts Club Captain
    Ofc buy it every year. Never spent a penny on it other than purchasing the game.

    Only play 3/4 times a week so it’s good value for money for me
  • Nodge86
    2047 posts Fans' Favourite
    Nodge86 wrote: »
    The only opinion of value here is @Fifa_Hawk_85 can’t wait to witness his emotional rollercoaster again.

    No drama from me this year. I've accepted it for what it is :D

    :lol: it will be the same. Better experience end life 20 in to a flawed and overloaded 21.
  • Headshrinker363
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    No, I like the game but can’t bear the delay. In the 2/3 months since I snapped my disc I’ve signed up to a gym and started training. Also bought my first electric guitar and started learning lead parts of the songs I was playing acoustically.

    Get a much better buzz breaking personal bests in the gym, or nailing the tricky bit of a song than packing 💩 cards for hours of frustrating gameplay.
  • Berlus
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    Only if Fifa 21 is with a new engine resp. Totally different server architecture
  • Boysie91
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    I will most likely buy 21 but I will 100% not put £ into the game. EA have me by the short and curly as I need my football game fix and PES isn't as good.
  • mway
    1865 posts Play-Off Hero
    No. FIFA has become a game for children between 7 and 12 years old. This game underestimates the player´s intelligence.
  • wwe3
    31 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Only if they bring back the icon sbcs if not i am out.
    I Want to play with Gullit and Eusebio and don´t have 15M coins.
  • mindm4ster
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    here we go again with these threads :lol:

    everyone will say they won't buy and come back next year for same thread
  • Impressive Tackle
    429 posts Sunday League Hero
    Nah but I have made a habit of taking a break between titles.
  • Swanz05
    1818 posts Play-Off Hero
    Hell yeah. Had it since Road to World Cup. On a roll.
  • seBozz
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    No ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you ea
  • Smsalnuaimi
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  • KilleenSweep
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    Yes. But I can pretend I won't if you're trying to make them sweat a little.
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