How to improve?

After yesterday IFs price raise, I found myself richer than ever, as I sold all my IFs. I'm now sitting on 1.85m (from 200k), and I still have listed Varane HL (>1m) and Robertson TOTY (>800k). Let's say I can get 1.7m more.

This is my team currently:

Auba POTM - Vardy HL (Kean FS)
Maddison HL (Ozil Scream)
Sanè PM - xx - xx - xx - Pépé OTW (Traorè HL)
Sissoko Futmas
Angelino RTTF - Gomez RTTF - Varane - J.Zanetti Prime
Courtois Special

It was slightly different with Varane HL and Robertson TOTY, but my main issue was about CAM (I'm not concerned about CD, as there'll be plenty of chances to get soon a new one for cheap, if not now).

It's pretty clear I'm not a great player, I ended with 17 wins in WL out of 25/28 matches, and never good enough to reach 20 before TOTS (usually), but as this year I did my homeworks relating trading, I feel I could improve more than normal.

How would you spend that money, without using them on a player who'll be worth half in 2-3 months?

My idea was Kevin De Bruyne TOTY. 3.05m price, so affordable for my cash situation, but I'd have to stick on PL team forever (not that bad, I almost always do it), while an icon would make my team more easy to manage.



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