OTW SBC out now!


  • Jdizzle
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    spy wrote: »
    What’s the best time to buy these? The expensive ones have plummeted now - will they go lower or is the mad rush to offload then now the best time to buy??

    It's hard to tell because no-one knows the drop rates. You could argue it's probably around now because of the panic sell.
  • Nervous_Nick
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    I have untradable otw sanchez and ndombele...might give it a try
  • GoalGiant
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    edited February 2020
    Back to back Joelintons ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my life
  • Penyedi
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    Did one with Ndombele - got Frenkie! Over the moon the one i wanted!
  • ChappellRovers
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    GoalGiant wrote: »
    Back to back Joelintons ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my life

    Keep putting him back in lol
  • Al_HFX
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    Joelinton RIP
  • Done 6. First 4 I got Barrella x3 and Haller. Next 2 I got Griezmann and Ben Yedder. Have to say it was worth it!
  • Aspral
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    Did the tradeable because I have pages upon pages of players.

    Belgium flag! Walkout!.... Hazard??

    Lukaku. Not too bad
  • BorussenBernie09
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    Dead Promo, dead concept, dead game.
  • rmoxon
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    Did one.

    Put in Thorgan Hazard...

    Got back Lozano.

    That hurt.
  • King_Cantona77
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    edited February 2020
    Had an untradeable Joelinton. Chucked him & fodder in the untradeable SBC and got Maguire. Sold my Maguire I use for my United fitness team and bought Wan-Bissaka's OTW for 35K. It was up at 90K the other day. Pretty satisfied!
  • A_Snipe
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    I usually do one of sbc like this. So did this tradeable version with my ndombele. Got wan bissaka so sold for 30k so no More of these
  • Jimmy89
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    Don’t own a single OTW player, that’s me out!
  • TNeves95
    1219 posts Professional
    Got 78 Joelinton...
  • spy
    2855 posts National Call-Up
    Did one with my untradeable ndombele and other UTs and got another barella ☹️ That’s me out
  • nexesstar
    1074 posts Professional
    Did 1 Tradable. Got Griezmann.
  • AlexBear012
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    Did 2 (used the 2 useless OTWs so i could sell the tradeables)

    Got Pulisic and Sarabia
  • SpiderMonkeybpg
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    Zambo9 wrote: »
    BSDShoes wrote: »
    ERobetti wrote: »
    What say the description in english? In portuguese it say "Trade an OTW Player for an negotiable OTW Player" ???? It is wrong, right?

    Tradeable is 83 + 1 OTW + 1 IF, a bit pricy

    I sold my OTW Barella too early (a couple hours ago).

    Don't worry prices won't go up as the SBC is absolutely useless at this point of the game

    The only decent thing to come out of this SBC is I managed to sell my OTW Haller for about a 7k profit, never thought I'd get rid of that dead card

    Oh man really I’m going to sell mine now. He is so dead
  • BogusTommy
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    Sold barella, haller and joelinton for 30k each and bought frenkie for 85k and wan bissaka for 40k. Prices for the top ones has dropped so much you need to get hazard or griesman to profit from it
  • Denz
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    Wake me up at tots.

  • Wonderfulwest
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    Bought Rodri turned him into Barella then turned him into Ben yedder. All tradable too so not sure weather to sell now or keep him
  • Brustring1893
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    BogusTommy wrote: »
    Sold barella, haller and joelinton for 30k each and bought frenkie for 85k and wan bissaka for 40k. Prices for the top ones has dropped so much you need to get hazard or griesman to profit from it

    Really crazy, WBY down to 500k on PS4. Lucas Hernández is 26k. Market is really flooded by those cards. Might invest in a few LH though. It’s all about the hype.
  • pekkaa88
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    Might aswell turn untradable trash into some coins
  • Aspral
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    Did another and got Sarabia. Sold for 36k. Lukaku was the first.

    Think I'll stop whilst ahead. But turned some trash into coins at least
  • BSDShoes
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    on a sidenote, if you were waiting for AWB's OTW price to drop, now's the time to grab one, he dropped from 85K to 37K.
  • shady93
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    Used dombele and got de ligt tradeable doesnt fit my team but its a small win
  • Sodan70
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    Griezmann is down almost 200K on PS4..
  • Staxdoobie
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    edited February 2020
    So bored with this game, so I did one. Rodri in, Rodri out. So I gave up an inform and an 83 squad for literally, quite literally, nothing. NOTHING! This game has gone beyond parody now.

    Edit: Actually no. My Rodri is now first owner. So well worth it after all :s
  • o0OainavO0o
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    Professor wrote: »
    Did one tradable.


    Did one untradeable
  • Mmandras
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    Terrible, lost about 200k in high rated cards (no coins spent, but still...)

    sarabia (traded lozano)
    jovic (traded sarabia)
    sarabia (traded sanchez)
    maguire (traded sarabia)
    brandt (traded maguire)
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