How good is Rivaldo as a CAM?

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Need an icon CAM and considering Rivaldo as it’ll give me some brazilian links too. Is the balance and 2* weak foot really a big issue?

I’ve been using moments Ziyech as a sub a lot lately and absolutely love him, but he does have the outside foot trait which Rivaldo doesn’t.

Think Rivaldo would be as good as Ziyech?


  • Knowlesdinho
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    Used the prime this WL... He's brilliant.
  • Kerrlos
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    I used the middle 90 version for a few games.

    He surprised me, scored some outrageous goals with him and his passing was very good. But then he missed an open goal from 3 yards out because of his weak foot.

    I have Ziyech as well and he feels just as good and apparently now has 5 star skills upgrade. Only problem is getting him on full chem.
  • barryw
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    He's decent.
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