Another Theo banger ! Big problem with headliner promo

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What an goal again ! For sure his best season by far.

So he is an top candidate for the next TOTW and also for Headliner batch 2. If he is in HL EA would steal the 86 inform he deserves.

So the best option would be : make an SBC before or after the next Totw

Your thoughts ?


  • Zambo9
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    Too bad he'd still be bad ingame due to his balance/reaction/composure/defensive awareness combo. Such a disappointing card imo
  • Zambo9
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    And btw, Rebic will get the IF. 2 goals with the second one in the 94th min to give Milan the win
  • BeastlyHusla
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    How do you know he's a top candidate?

    Could and most likely to be Ibra
  • Matt_Cornwall
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    Lol thought you meant Walcott
  • Gstitt10
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    100% this will be rebic. A 94th min 2nd goal will give him the in form. I do think tho hernandez will be due an upgrade in the refresh. He is only 76. Even a plus 2 or 3 he is going up to 86 or 87 on his sif. I have his sif n he is brilliant
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