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High time we sent a message to EA people. For too long we have allowed them to push us around and make changes without communication that devalue both the game and the users who play it. The untradeable SBC rewards & their undisputable market manipulation on TOTY players are the final straw for many.

This Weekend League, please do not play it. Sit it out. Enjoy time with friends and family. Need as many of us on this forum as possible. It's a small dent I know, but small steps can lead to big changes.

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  • Kartal_FC
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    I am in.

    Come on guys. Nothing to lose here.

    Drop the controllers
  • Revolver_310
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    In the long run though there needs to be proper competition, more alternatives to FIFA, like before the PS3/360 days. There was so much choice for football games back then, yet since the PS3/360 it's just been this or PES. And to me PES has been average at best, and horrific at worst since the PS2 days, they also have a habit of butchering their game, this year the demo was great, had a whole Iniesta collaboration thing for close control dribbling as well, yet in the full game they completely changed the gameplay and pretty much removed the Iniesta feature. A lot of people are still complaining about that. So who do you choose, EA or Konami? Both who don't care at all about giving their players a decent game.

    That's what I think the big stumbling block is, if they don't play FIFA, what else do they play for their football fix? I feel the same.

    You can see how complacent EA have got without having any real competition. I was always PES on PS2 yet FIFA 08 swung me back to FIFA as PES started becoming awful and EA had a reason to win those players over to them. Yet now they don't even have to try, they know people will just buy it and play it each year out of habit because they don't really have an alternative.
  • Nazgul
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    I’m in.

    Just weekend league or any Fifa?

    Either way I’m in.
  • King_Cantona77
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    Nazgul wrote: »
    I’m in.

    Just weekend league or any Fifa?

    Either way I’m in.

    Go the whole hog if you like. They don't deserve our engagement or time.
  • Pacey3_16
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    I'm in 👍
  • AlexBear012
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    I never play WL because i dont find it enjoying
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    I'm in. Was sitting it out anyway but at least it's for good reason now :D
  • Kulman
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  • steverich1988
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  • King_Cantona77
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    Cheers guys!
  • ZinedineZidane
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  • Simsbadger
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    I’m in to had enough of ea this year
    I recall the sentence at end of fifa19 about more transparency and info going forward
    Well let’s say that didn’t work it took 4 months for them to acknowledge there was a server issue !! After so many people saying it
    On top of that they have made rivals like so unreal it’s like playing weekend league every match as so many people have relegated which I understand but who thought of it ea !!
    On top of that rewards and market are awful this year
    And just to finish who ever though re releasing content 2 months after someone has grinded for a card and paid a fortune only to get it re released for 25% of its previous value is unreal !!!!
  • Nazgul
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    Definitely in.

    With bells on.
  • DangerZone
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    My controller has been down before futmas! And im not buying their piece of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ product again. Im having a spell from this fiasco. Im keeping my money in 2020
  • Tasch
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    I’m in!
  • BadSeedsFC
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    I'm not playing WL since November, and I'm not planning to come back. Count me in, brother ⚡
  • SuperKMx
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    Have played FIFA 20 every single day since early access. Also played every day of the beta.

    I'm in.
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  • Sjonhinho
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    Might drop my panties as well, but no weekend league for me.
  • DFC1983
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    I’m in too
  • King_Cantona77
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    Sjonhinho wrote: »

    Might drop my panties as well, but no weekend league for me.

  • eddopoolfc
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  • hayhor1
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  • ZinedineZidane
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    Let's try dino dini soccer he is free not so different from fifa20.
  • Sean123_
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    I’m stopping weekend league for good. I think out of 23 red player picks I have 1 useable one.. and that’s 93 Harry Kane, who yes he can definitely shoot but has the agility of the titanic.
  • In
  • IPedro
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    gave up middle of the last weekend league cba with fifa at the min so I’m in
  • InformCollector
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    Im in. It will give me some time to wash my panties
  • CustardHippo
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    I'll join. My game time on Fifa is minimal anyway at the moment but now it feels like part of a wider cause in an attempt to improve the overall experience for everyone.

    I think it needs something big to happen for EA to take notice what with the way FP sales are going, promo packs are selling out, people like these YouTubers are dropping the equivalent of 2-3 months salary for the average person in one promo day.

    Maybe the community could band together and squad up on CoD or Battlefield for a weekend. Even Fortnite. I know gaming is an escape for a lot of us so an alternative with like minded people might be nice. I see some forum regulars joining in above which is also nice.

    Just remember, everything starts off small.

    Edit: Personally am on PS4 if anyone plays CoD.
  • King_Cantona77
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    Thanks lads!

    C'mon join the party people!
  • Phodri
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    Im in B)
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