WL rewards: Who has worse?

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Gold 1 every week from the first WL
My rewards:
Week 1: Plea, Mollet
Week 2: Duffy, Cheryshev
Week 3: Grealish, Soucek
Week 4: Mitrovic, Pulisic
Week 5: Abraham, Lukaku
Week 6: Herrmann, Orsic
Week 7: Elvedi, Onana
Week 8: Bergwijn, Max
Week 9: Mitrovic, Shelvey
Week 10: Depay(best pull) Ansaldi
Week 11: Campana, Gosling
Week 12: Willian, Kolarov
Week 13: Doherty, Heaton
Week 14: Corona and Grealish
Week 15: Dubravka and Giovinko
Week 16: Visca and Vanaken
Week 17: Plea and Lejeune
One premium upgrade: Robertson 86

Is there anyone else who's so unlucky?
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  • Mrhey31
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    Doherty looks useable. My best pull with 2 elite 3 finishes and gold 1,2,3.is Ben Yedder85 . ( also my highest pull.) rest of them are a joke. Just like EA
  • Chavez76
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    Terrible luck, just got my highest rated from G2 (Kane 93)
  • A_Snipe
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    Usable we’re rw naingollan allan and now kante. I’ve been pleased with my picks. Also had an 88 immobile but he was a great sbc fodder
  • oldboiler
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    What a waste of 13 weekends

    Terrible luck though, just awful
  • Stone_cold_tea93
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    Mahrez and Telles same week. Got Martial today. Flit between S1 and G3 these days
  • Destin8or
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    S1 G3 G2 finishes
    Don't enter every week
    Only decent pull kolorov who not useable


  • Jay1787
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    Best I've had was 86 Kolarov. I'm going to finish this season and get the storyline player, gonna sell anything tradable and just hold the coins in case I want to come back. I've completely had enough of FIFA, every game is unenjoyable, every reward is shocking.

    Best i've packed this year was 1 player over 50k which was Sterling. I've played since release. So yeah, i'm done. Need 5k XP to finish and i'll sell up and take a break.
  • Cbn
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    12 weekends. 3 E3, 8 G1, 1 G2.

    Best pulls (however doesnt fit into team)
    Gini and Walker.

    Most valuable pull from packs with 145-20 draft record, WL, Rivals and SBCs:
    247k RTTF Sterling
    197k IF WBY
    70k Walker

  • Mmandras
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    That is not so terrible. Robertson is 150k card. Willian, Orsic, Depay, all very usable. I've had one usable card, 84 Doucoure. This week, Sedibe and Gomis. But I was mostly S1 and couple or G3.
  • Nvs
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    Week 14
    Corona and Grealish this week
    I will keep you informed.

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  • BecksRightPeg
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    As bad as that list is, mine is very smiliar.

    Only usable red has been Doucoure. Got Depay from the 86 upgrade.

    Did get 89 Immobile today but I really wouldn't classify as decent either.
  • Gone Postal
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    Glad I don't waste my weekends playing that ####
  • Nvs
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    Week 15
    Dubravka and Giovinko this week
  • hayhor1
    15078 posts World Class
    Does it matter? You guys play for fun and the cards are a bonus right? 🤣
  • Suarez8
    1530 posts Play-Off Hero
    That is pretty terrible. Sorry mate.

    Only played 2 WL's myself, so can't compare. (No good pulls, but was happy with SIF Tammy since I am a chelsea fan)
  • MrMTFC
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    Think I've done about 5 or 6 wl. Best I've had is 84 taison (actually pretty good), 86 Robertson and this week got lm Rashford. Decent bit of rubbish in there too
  • Biggie567
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    I've had ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all year just done a 86 upgrade and got lukaku as best what ajoke
  • Ben
    5496 posts Big Money Move
    The question is, even if you had gotten the best possible players every weekend, was it still worth throwing away your weekends.
  • Queens11
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    I do t even play it anymore I went 8 weeks gold 3 and not a single player over 82 from picks and rewards so just gave it up
    Definitely not worth the stress for a few 82 rated players
  • Queens11
    3090 posts National Call-Up
    Biggie567 wrote: »
    I've had **** all year just done a 86 upgrade and got lukaku as best what ajoke

    Lol I got shafted with him aswell on upgrade
  • Nvs
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    Here we go again

    Week 16
    Visca and Vanaken

    Still unbelievable
  • o0OainavO0o
    2613 posts Fans' Favourite
    Try changing up where you open your packs. I never get anything good from console or pc but phone app away from my home WiFi seems to favor my odds. Could be a tinfoil hat theory...
  • Thejuves
    1138 posts Professional
    I did the 11 red upgrade today got van dijk 92 ,I did it last time I got cr7

    And my best reds been ,ericksen, robertson,griezman,

    Reds in my club now is van dijk,cr7,griezman I used the rest as beside cr7 no one else fit my team
  • TheTataGuy
    3888 posts National Call-Up
    Best 89 reus And 85 naingolan

    Upgrade 86 walker

    Missed 2 WLs.
  • Fatmanc
    1353 posts Professional
    Another week and another set of awful reds for me
    Pope and Rebic

    Theres always next week lol
  • TheMightyBee
    4129 posts National Call-Up
    My best ever this week, two x 86.
  • ziotree
    614 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Gold 2.

    2 x 82.

    Over the moon
  • Nvs
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    Week 17
    Plea and Lejeune

    just awful
  • Hammer316
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    Plea isn't bad for this week. My highest rated from gold 1 was 81. Did the upgrade pack and got verrati 😭
  • Nvs
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    Hammer316 wrote: »
    Plea isn't bad for this week. My highest rated from gold 1 was 81. Did the upgrade pack and got verrati 😭

    Still unplayable
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