Opinions on Base Seedorf from Swaps

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How good is he as a box-box mid? Most importantly, does he feel good in the game? I assume some stocks/builds simply play better than others


  • Salvatori
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    I had him for a good while before i bought his prime. Lovely card, great work rates, hammer shot. Perfectly suited to a box to box role.

    His mid is the best card, but i honestly have not felt much of an upgrade going from Base to Prime with him.
  • Sidd56
    8 posts Ball Boy
    I had his mid icon for a bit. Was looking for a box to box, and I honestly didn’t like him. He felt useless for me. I have heard others praise the card though so take it with a grain of salt.
    I replaced him with 89 Ballack who has felt great for me.
  • d3b4s1s
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    Thanks guys, i guess i'll wait for some more. Who else would you recommend for CM role, I've liked Wijnaldum well so far, maybe someone faster/stronger and decent dribbler.
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