Lagging, Glitching. Shambles - A POEM

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Yep it’s finally got me

Used to think why is everyone complaining

Today awful

Couldn’t make subs just glitching

Other team got a penalty the view for it was sideways lol.

Defenders running like Usain bolt whilst mine are in treacle

Players unable to make passes

Blah blah

Get gud

@EA_roger I guess this is my fault no?
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  • Moiizer
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    Not gunna lie, i thought you wrote a poem.
  • Absting159
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    It looks like a Hai Ku or whatever, lol.

    This is my every day. I trade, get excited, buy a new player. Player 1 game and quit. It's an absolutely terrible game. Atleast doing the things in the menu are kinda fun but anything to do with actually playing. . . .pfff.

    I genuinely think one of the new patches accidentally was written on the iteration from release because defending is absolutely abysmal again. Every successful tackle goes straight back to the attacker. With how sloppy they are with their quality control, this wouldn't surprise me that we're actually playing release FIFA and whatever was supposedly patched most recently. None of the gameplay fixes from earlier.
  • Vinny1979
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    Ea roger where are you?

    They say you’re just a face

    It must be true

    Georgey best gives me stress

    He runs so slow, he will have to go

    Juan mata, it just don’t matter

    He can’t pass as good as wass.

    At the back is smalling and wan Bissaka

    May as well be Phil Jones and sepp blatter.

    So we dream of lag free games

    Then I wake up in a haze

    The end

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