Cr7 won't attend Ballon d'or ceremony



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    IMO if I had to pick I’m picking ronaldo just for the fact he’s tried something new and at 34 he’s still got the drive to keep going.

    And being 7 goals away from the all time international goal record is impressive

    If drive is a deciding factor, the someone like Ibrahimović coming back from major injury to still play, not taking pay while he was out.

    Not saying Ibrahimović should be in the conversation at all, just pointing to that drive not being unique.

    As I said both are not done. I would still lean toward Messi because he elevates the play of those around him a bit more than Ronaldo.

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    OZero wrote: »
    Euro 2016
    Numerous Copa America

    I’m sorry what you saying here? That being in 3 finals and losing is better than winning one ?

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    Bapinho wrote: »
    FalconFan wrote: »
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    Tbf must suck to finally lose the battle with Messi as he over takes you win a record 6 Ballon’s thus completing the arguement that Messi is better.

    Is Messi not two years younger ?

    I love them both but at least ronaldo has tested himself in 3 different countries and win on the international stage

    What International Stage has Ronaldo won on that Messi has not also won on?

    And Messi has been able to endure at a top club for his entire career. Is that a bad thing? Loyalty is not a bad thing at all. Longevity is good too and yes Ronaldo has that.

    Not trying to be a fanboy or either player, just failing to see rational in the one sided logic being applied.

    Neither appear to be ready to retire at this point. Ronaldo might be looking to leave to yet another club as rumors are he is not happy at the moment with his current situation.

    Just consider us all lucky to have the chance to watch both of these talented individuals play.

    Loyalty is good but i dont know.. asking your contract to be renewed every year to make more millions when you are already making more then you could ever spend this life is not really loyalty to me. Also messi is a bit weird. Ronaldo is good looking; tall strong and i think thats why a lot of people are a bit jeaulous. He seems to be the "arrogant" one with a bad attitude yet he is doing so much for charity etc etc without saying it in the press all the time while messi is opening malls for 2 million dollar in some African dictator country where people are starving of hunger

    I thought the conversation was around football, not off the field. Not going by looks or anything along those lines. Jealous? Pretty sure fans are jealous of either of them. Now not being a fan of Juventus or Manchester United... guilty.

    This is the problem with this type of discussion, as it turns into an emotional discussion vice logic.

    Not at all interested in going that route as nobody wins in that kind of emotional discussion. Ronaldo has spent time and money on charities and so has Messi.

    Both have had controversy in their careers and personal lives.

    Lots of football to be played, but either one of them are better than Maradona IMO... both on or off the field.
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    Lewanwodski 8th..can anyone take this award seriously?
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    MuzzaLUFC wrote: »
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    Yet he we still be in the goat conversation when he there is that going for him.

    Maybe to a couple of facebook fanboys - actual football fans wouldn’t dare mention him in the same breath as Messi because in terms of footballing ability, he isn’t even close.

    If you really wanna go with in terms of football quality they’re incomparable simply because they play different positions 😂

    If you want an elite real life finisher go CR7, an elite playmaker then messi is your man, false 9 would be Lewandowski/kane and so on...

    You want goals, you go for Ronaldo
    You want assists, you go for De Bruyne
    You want passes, you go for Xavi
    You want a free kick taker, you go for Juninho
    You want a dribbler, you go for Neymar

    You want them all.. you go for Messi.

    Dont think ive ever seen such a Messi fanboy before......embarrassing 😂😂

    Labelled embarrassing by the joke who spends his entire life on here moaning he’s quitting the game but still spends his nights in bed thinking about the very game he’s quit 13 times - this year.

    A new low for me :joy:

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