KDB Any Good?

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Packed KDB in a two player pack, is he any good? Think i'll have to sacrifice Griezmann to fit him in to the team and I didn't really want to run a PL team but now i've got untradeable KDB, Pogba & VVD so Fifa is kind of forcing my hand!


  • Jetset95
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    KDB is excellent in my team as a CAM (4-5-1) but have Griezmann as his other CAM feeding into Aguero as the CF
  • gaz12321
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    Thanks mate, I have an OCD issue with having to have everyone on 10 chem haha

    Think i've got a solution i'll have to get Fabinho & Mane
  • ASX
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    I use him as CAM in 4411 with engine chem and hes excellent.

    His 5* weak foot is really helpful and he pulls off some great through balls, pretty much on target with all his shots.

    Played 60 games, scored 41 goals with 37 assists.
  • Hrh1995
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    I use him at CM he’s Good there
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