Formation changes on its own

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Why does my formation always change if i set it to 4-3-3(4) when the game starts it changes to something else and messes up my whole game


  • Pingers23
    28 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Yeah same happened to me, Using 4231 wide put LM and RM stay out wide. And one played as a CM the other as a LF.
  • calcio12
    134 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Noticed this today as well 4231
  • Hahahahaydn
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    Has happened to me since fifa 19
  • d3b4s1s
    641 posts An Exciting Prospect
    When the game wants, formation tactics stats movement reactions everything changes. It's shocking how much of random stupid s*** is happening in this game, even after 6 patches.
  • DonovanFan
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    these ppl at ea wonder why everyone is so hostile? there needs to be a pack boycott, the problem is idiot youtubed will never make a stand
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