Finally pc get update new boots and balls same as consoles

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edited November 2019
After update latest new squad updates then check in edit player..get new nike boots and adidas..and also some new balls such as premier league winter ball thank you ea improve update catalogue on pc this year


  • hhoverflow
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    the game is full os problems
    full of cheaters
    full of bugs
    career mode doesnt work

    and they update the nike boots


    it's crazy how EA manage to be the most hated company year after year
  • Gavsta
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    I downloaded the latest squad update and when I go to edit player the new nike boots with their real names are added with the new adidas nemiziz and whatever other new adidas boot the player is wearing but without their real names only the number I can imagine where the boots are in the fifa database. Also the new nike merlin premier league ball is available with its real name along with the new puma winter balls without their actual real names and no Serie A winter ball nor fa cup ballss are available however I am unable to unlock these items as my ESF catalogue has not been updated with these items but I have noticed my ESF Catalogue update 1 save in profile has gone from the date i installed in october to the 7th of November. It seems like its been updated but no actual new items in catalogue. Do you guys have the same problem??

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