Weird theory about buying new teams

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I don't know if you guys notice this but is it just me or does the gameplay feel a lot smoother when you get a new team? ( I know this sounds ridiculous but hear me out) My mates have been telling me this for a few years, i always said there's no way just a placebo effect, So I always put money on the game..... i like to enjoy and use the players i like in real life, so i had the same team all the way from when the game came out (Messi, neymar... ect.....)

I'm a Div 1 Elite 2/1 player and i was struggling in the weekend league yesterday i play 10 games a day and went 8-2 (my worst start so far) so i had to change something and decided to upgrade my team (No i didnt buy a 20mil coin team it's not a full icon team, only icon being swaps carlos) the team is around 4mil and it hit me when i played my first few games.

I always play warm up games in D1 before going into champs so obviously im playing good players and i've never ever had this feeling of smoothness in the game, i played 4 games and won all 4 (im around the 2000 skill rating and i always used to win 1 lose 1 win 1 lose 1 it was just that cycle over and over) So i went into fut champs and the team again feels unreal

Before you say "well if the team is better obviously it's going to feel better"

No.... we all play this game we know what delay feels like and the touches that your team makes no matter how good they are. I bet *and will comeback to this thread after the WL and i bet the team will feel horrible after a period of games*

So i'm going to start playing around with teams more often selling and buying them every 10-15 games and see if this is really a placebo effect.

Does anyone else feel this way?


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    I know the rumours are that the sliders that don’t exist of course are the reasoning behind it. The theory goes that as you bought the slider will allow them to perform better and then gradually wear off forcing you to buy again, the hope is that you’ll buy points to do it.

    However the placebo theory is relevant as well as you may be subconsciously try harder or relaxing more with the new team allowing you to perform better.

    I would say it’s somewhere in the middle until either is proven factually and we all know ea ain’t gonna tell us properly about the dynamic sliders at all.
  • It’s definitely fixed just as you said to force the point purchase
    Rebuy your team and see
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    Debuts make me laugh, hattrick 90% of the time :D
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