Base icon values

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Will a base icon like Larsson maintain its value when the primes are released?
The base is better than the mid.

I have never bought an icon before, just done sbcs. And i dont feel like losing a 100k or two because i dont know anything about the icon market.


  • sheffutd87
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    No one knows for sure as this is a new way of us having them.

    I’d say he’ll gradually decline not just because of primes - they’ll obviously be a contributing factor but other special and desirable cards will come out and people will want them instead of base icons. In the past it was icon sbcs that kept base icons prices up. As we’re not getting them this year they’ll hit their peak at some point then drop.
  • passpassshootpost
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    I doubt you will lose 100k. unless you keep for a couple of months... just sell the Friday before a promo if you get scared
  • Idek
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    base icons go out of packs in December
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    Yeah, cos they’re out of packs they will definitely maintain a value. Especially the base and mid icons who are generally considered as good as or better than the prime
  • BlackFridayRule
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    Thanks for the replies! ... Still dont know if i dare buy him though 😂
  • Knowlesdinho
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    Buy your players, enjoy them and don't worry about loss of coins. Games too short to be bothered about losing 100k that you can make back easily enough through some trading, and or rewards.
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