Rivals gameplay is super sluggish??

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Every player turning like a truck. Its such a difference from yesterday??
anyone else?


  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    It's actually been smooth and responsive for me since Sunday. Wont last long though.
  • Jordje58
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    It's actually been smooth and responsive for me since Sunday. Wont last long though.

    its weird that i clearly see and feel a difference from yesterday....so so frustrating
  • Tboon
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    Yes barely playable
  • glad i'm not the only one experiencing it, have 9 ping so i was sure it wasn't the connection xD
  • Lfc23
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    I haven’t had a problem with rivals at all
  • TW1103
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    It's one of the worst nights I've ever had for gameplay tonight. It's like playing in mud
  • rick72
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    Its awful tonight, made me rage sell my team lol
  • SStubbs88
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    I still can’t first time shot! Cost me a few goals tonight i think. And taking 2 seconds to pass the ball is quite annoying.
  • King_Cantona77
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    Mine was going at 100 mph tonight. It was like playing mystery ball with the speed boost.
  • Blackbag69
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    it poor most of the time.

    last night I played 2 or 3 guys from New Zealand when I'm based 2,500km (1600 miles) away in Melbourne
  • FijiBoy
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    Last night played 3 and turned off. The lag was about 2-3 seconds. Whenever I wanted to make that final cutback/thru pass and shoot I felt that my players responded late and my opponents were having a feild day with counters as tackles were delayed as well. Now how are casuals who play after work(peak server times) are supposed to enjoy this game
  • Dunkirk
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  • Topperz14
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    How do u know ur ping on Fifa ??
  • mundopaz69
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    Completely horrible all day. EA is a terrible company.
  • BeerInsured
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    So I decided to test out the wired vs WiFi connection, even people have gone as far as saying 4g (I don’t want to waste my cell minutes). With wired all day yesterday it was horrendous, drop 2 divisions very quickly as I couldn’t do anything. Same thing today, so I switched from wired to wireless (a worse connection) my guys now have space, can get to defenders quickly, can actually do a few skill moves and won the last 2 games easily. Only issue is speed up lag but it’s like the computer takes over at that point and bails me out.

  • Skinner249
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    Cant barely move tonight, everyone else flying around though and able to control the ball :D
  • Jordje58
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    Dunkirk wrote: »

  • MoshStar
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    It’s a farce. Had kids lagging up so there’s loads of packet loss, button lag is bad enough. Add to that trying to beat these teams that just bounce you away then run round full speed without seeming to tire playing **** drop back it’s just not worth playing. Just about had my fill for this year.
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    Played 3 matches today, the worst gameplay that I can remember
  • Pooter
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    I've had only one player that was sluggish, its probably the same one person you're playing. My connection is superb, wifi and all
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