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As you can see above this is my squad. I'm new to Ultimate Team and was just wondering how I should go about improving my squad. I know this is a gradual process but I'm not sure which player/ players I should be looking to get next. Are there specific formations I should use rather than the 4-3-3.... I know this varies depending on the squad but I'm just not sure where to find all this information out. Would love some help and I did include the cash I have atm (and also my shocking win/loss record so can't wait for some hate on that).



  • CheekiBreeki00
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    I'd probably try swapping the CB and RB
  • Th at score is rly not shocking...
  • Nakusin
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    José Gaya would be a good addition at LB. I personally don't meta this game, at the end of the day I prefer to just do things my own way, if you're concerned about your record, why not try the 4-3-3 where that CAM would be a CDM, it wouldn't require much change to your squad & you can try it out to see how you do/like it, the CM players will move in to those more advanced positions the CAM currently resides. Parejo is pitifully slow so you perhaps don't want him joining the attack unless you don't mind him never getting back in time for counters.
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