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Since FIFA16 I am repeating same sentence. It's so bad that it can't be worst. But honestly after FIFA 19 I was sure that EA can't make anything that will be weaker and worst than FIFA 19. But here we are.

As a player I can say that in last 2 editions I felt like beta tester. This time it's not even beta. It feels like pre alpha.

I am selling my game and not going to buy any FIFA until You won't start to treat players as customers not idiots.

I won't be paying money for beeing tester.

What is sad for me I understand that game can have bugs. But You are not willing to fix what community wants. You are heading in opposite direction in many cases.

Sad love story that started in 1996 end now.

Goodbye. I won't say see You soon, becouse after that 5 years I don't believe that next FIFA can be better.

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  • mojav
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    Hopefully EA fail so hard that a new football giant can emerge
  • Corwin
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    Don't believe in that untill they earn so much money on FUT. Their marketing can kill any opposition.

    But I am rly interest about how many ppl decided to give a try to PES.
  • alex1987
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    It's ridiculous how many patches and bug fixes are needed. Patch 1.05 after the game going live 4 weeks ago.

    That being said - I do need my football addiction to be fed.
  • Corwin
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    It's not just ridiculous it shows that it's not Game. It's alpha version. They use players as testers.

    But one think I can't understand is how company worth billions that earn lots of money on FIFA can't creat good servers infrastructure in cloud architecture times.

    Even small companies use cloud with all advantages of it like High avilibitiy, scaling and hight responsivenes.

    It just shows attitude that EA got for their customers. Makes me sad.
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