This is getting pathetic

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This is now getting pathetic and beyond a month coming up to buying this game , for career mode a fckn month and still no fixes no updates from ea absaloute zero your company is about as much use as condom with holes in , seriously what’s the issue ????? We’re is the updates to all your ea career fans , seriously angered by ur lack of response lack of communication and lack of fcks given to your customers , @Ea_Andy atleast grow a pair to respond to people’s questions joke company joke game joke staff !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • URBirdman
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    Yes, EA is a joke company, but the current situation of career mode is all because people complain and angry, but still will buy the next FIFA... EA of course know that career mode is completely garbage now, but when they saw so few people actually refund the game, they know how weak consumers are...
  • Hulkwarriors
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    EA are not a joke! Jokes are funny! EA are not funny!! @EA_Andy @EA_Lanna @EA_Rtas @EA_DarDar and @EA_Cian you are not funny if you are currently reading a book on how to look after your customers please check the front cover as you might actually be reading a joke book with really bad jokes written in it! OUR RIGHTS AS CONSUMERS ARE TO BE SOLD A PRODUCT AS DESCRIBED! FIFA 20 is not as described!! Please update us
  • DiBinni72
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    Psst. Dont attack EA - otherwise they bring you ping pong speed soccer back....
  • MOES98
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    It truly is. All the EA workers just ignorings us, only thing they do is banning people for speaking the truth, not giving any new info. Probably because there is no news, but then they should just come clear and say: "Yes we dont care about you, we dont give a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ about career mode, and it wont get fixed". Thats the truth and everyone know it. Even @EA_Andy, thats why he ignores us. And even though @EA_Andy ain doing anything, he probably still gets paid more than the CM team all together for the last 5 years (maybe because there is no team 😂)

    EA just like ❤️❤️❤️❤️ us all in the ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  • JazzIsName
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    DiBinni72 wrote: »
    Psst. Dont attack EA - otherwise they bring you ping pong speed soccer back....

    They already have. I had a go tonight for the first time in probably a week, whilst I wait for a patch and GONE was the gameplay I have been loving since the demo and 10 hour access. GONE was every match feeling unique. GONE was the puzzle of breaking down a side. GONE was the considered build-up play and GONE were the rewarding goals that came as a result. GONE were the 1-0 wins and 1-1 draws. GONE was everything that made me look forward to the release and the subsequent fix to allow me to play career mode.

    BACK was every single match feeling like the same team. BACK was high speed PING-PONG. BACK was magic lightning 180 degree passes. BACK was non-stop end to end runs and back was the 6-2, 7-1 score lines and seemingly magical moments where the AI were untouchable and you knew the CPU had decided when their goals were coming. Slow build-up was impossible. It has gone from feeling like the best FIFA ever to the fastest and most mind-numbing pish I ever remember playing. It absolutely sucked and every single match was the same. The speed was RIDICULOUS and I play with the speed set to slow so god only knows how ABSURD it would be otherwise.

    This game has gone from the one game I have been most excited about in about 8 years, and, potentially the best football game ever! to the most insulting, broken, kick in the love-spuds piece of crap I have ever PAID FOR in my considerable career as a consumer.

    If I was a farmer, I would feed it to my pigs.

    EA, you've lost me this time and I am old enough and have been with you since the beginning. Stick it somewhere shady.
  • Mango1984
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    I knew I wern just imagining things I had a go erlia and it seemed fast as hell I turned it of straight away it’s a piece of shut the game play was the best I’ve played in years now it’s ruined
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