What did you pack from your Div. Rival rewards #3


  • Hrh1995
    1483 posts Play-Off Hero
    4 premium gold jumbo and 2 mega packs un tradeable

    Coutinho, felipe Anderson and IF Hernandez best pulls

    Must be better pack weight on in tradeables
  • ICUP
    5132 posts Big Money Move
    Nothing, I got shafted
    mihain247 wrote: »
    Anyone know about FUT Champs?

    should be in 45 mins
  • Kvkortrijk19
    1696 posts Play-Off Hero
    4 packs (untradeable ) 82 rated french inform and lacazette :)
  • Mantic
    461 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Nothing, I got shafted
    6 big packs and Falcao as best!
  • Murf1985
    906 posts Semi-Pro
    Super Walkout (200k+)
    Dybala IF. Untradeable though.
  • ACMILAN1990
    352 posts Sunday League Hero
    Tradeables courtouis again :/ least it’s worth more than the coins in total so could have been worse
  • Tboon
    4408 posts National Call-Up
    edited October 2019
    4 untradables packs and best player was Suso. I was lucky because I packed him 2x :|
  • JoyW
    2927 posts National Call-Up
    Went untradeable 2 mega 2 rare gold 2 gold top player

    Here we go
  • Phodri
    653 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Alot less sleep to get div5 rank1 and stay there..
    Took untradables, got absolutely nothing... thx EA.
  • Anthonyr475
    1006 posts Professional
    edited October 2019
    Nothing, I got shafted
    Took Div 3 rank 1 tradable packs. Got a 79 rated inform and nothing else :|
  • Moe_86
    1673 posts Play-Off Hero
    Nothing, I got shafted
    Tradeables courtouis again :/ least it’s worth more than the coins in total so could have been worse

    Hhhhhh , I am telling you I got Benat the 81 rated Spanish player
  • OlgaKurylenko
    34 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I wait for tomorrow to unpack - with luck I got an icon. Will take untradable. If i got one, i won't sell it, but play it or maybe lagter use it in a SBC to upgrade it.
  • BigEneh
    347 posts Sunday League Hero
    Nothing, I got shafted
    Damn seems like a lot of people getting shafted today 🙁 promo packs tomorrow?
  • BecksRightPeg
    2475 posts Fans' Favourite
    Not a walkout but a valuable player
    IF Defoe and Rashford from my packs. Took untradebales, but already have Rashford in my team so can sell for 70k ish.

    Could have been worse I guess
  • Stone_cold_tea93
    3647 posts National Call-Up
    Div 5 Rank 2 untradable. Pulled Firmino and Neto. Cant complain.
  • AJS-17
    1324 posts Professional
    Super Walkout (200k+)

    Highest valued player all year, tradable too, usually always take untradable
  • Safehands84
    4121 posts National Call-Up
    Super Walkout (200k+)
    Took untradables

    Son but I dont use prem players :'( wish I could sell. Also got Joao felix who I will use
  • FutsalBros0710
    1686 posts Play-Off Hero
    Mega pack (Tradable).
    Puled out Felipe Anderson
  • Erickk
    55 posts Park Captain
    Nothing, I got shafted
    2x Prime gold players pack
    2x Rare electrum players pack

    Best players: VELA, LEMAR.

    Why do I bother to grind for rewards like this.
  • 206xhpt
    149 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Koulibaly and James Rodriguez, Not bad.
  • Yourouloneutd
    414 posts Sunday League Hero
    Nothing, I got shafted
    Best was 82 from tradeables
  • CharlieC
    7425 posts League Winner
    I took the coins instead
    Took coins again because I could only play enough for rank 3 😢
  • oldboiler
    4777 posts National Call-Up
    Not a walkout but a valuable player
    Azpil and O.Dembele from D5 R3, quite happy with that
  • AznSW
    1792 posts Fans' Favourite
    Went untradables, got Manolas.
    Happy with that!
  • Saekerhett
    1130 posts Professional
    Not a walkout but a valuable player
    D6/R2, Iago Aspas untradeable. Already had him tradeable, so put him on the transfer list and I have a new, first owner one.
  • Hulkmodus
    1503 posts Play-Off Hero
    Nothing, I got shafted
    Division 5 rank 2.

    Best pull was xhaka
  • Renamed12345678
    423 posts Sunday League Hero
    I would like to know how ea sport set this division points on division rival. 5 hours before reward I had over 19000 points and going to earn top rewards. I went out and csme back to checked only for me to be back down in rewards. This has really ticked me off.

    Es sport since you don't have common sense. Let me help you. You should have a fixed point in division rival for every rewards and when you cross the threshold you stay there. This is not acceptable. After playing lots of games and time spent and score that amount of points only for me to get a second rewards is disgusting.
  • Nothing, I got shafted
    Went untradables to be dif and got Sakrates
    Should of taken coins
  • Pranav
    800 posts Semi-Pro
    Super Walkout (200k+)
    sane last week salah this week some insane luck
  • Mrcosmo
    566 posts Semi-Pro
    Got varane untradable , doesnt fit in my team
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