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IF coutinho investment.

354 posts Sunday League Hero
edited October 2019
So he was in packs for 2 days. I’m thinking he’s a sure thing to a easy investment. Currently at 375k.

Am I wrong?


  • zaklfc9
    853 posts Semi-Pro
    if you wanted to invest it would have been when he was first out, IF always tend to drop when rewards drop in their first week. he is 390-400k right now. Personally dont think he will go higher than what he is right now
  • Busterlin
    354 posts Sunday League Hero
    It’s the basis he’s central, in packs for two days and popular league/nation & best in his position in the league.
  • Thorny
    1068 posts Professional

    Not stereotypically desirable as a card, not outstanding in game and already vastly overpriced... supply is low, demand is low and won’t increase. And best in his position is debatable at best
  • Forca-Barca
    3452 posts National Call-Up
    Marco Reus is better at that position.
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