Varane in-game

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He's so bad this year! That low balance on him makes him feel so clunky and slow on tackling.. Any 78 rated player with 90+ speed burst right trough him!

I prefer Hernandez next to Lenglet both better balance and positioning ingame

Don't waste your coins on Varane, I tried him out in my first 10 WL games hoping for a miracle but resulted in L's just because he's that bad this year


  • 3MenandaBebe
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    I sold my varane for Ramos and much prefer Ramos.

    Sure, he’s a little slower but the agility, balance and aggression makes him much better
  • Phiba
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    I’ve found him solid as a rock, over 100 games for me.
  • NewRave7
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    I think he is a monster
  • Ace_Calhoune
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    Absolute monster imo, him and militao are the boys this year
  • Invincibility
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    Sniped Varane again as an investment for 240K again.. But Damn he's so bad in delay gameplay.. He turns like a truck when messi dribbles next to him only to completely miss the tackle.. 38 BALANCE :s

    Rage sold him again and took the profit.. Don't believe the HYPE he's nowhere close to his quality in last year 19
  • Riyomorii
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    Not sure why they gave him 38 balance this year. Did he fall over a lot last year?

    Switched to Ramos and felt much better as I usually try to play out of the back.
  • Foxsake
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    He is second best cb after vvd
    Pure monster
  • nicitel32
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    i cant imagine to play without him.he is a beast
  • Crop_Dust3r
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    I found him to be a bit meh... Same with Ramos - good, but not great. I'm using Pique and Lenglet and they've been the best pairing so far.
  • Kingyyy01
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    I use vvd and cannavaro, i thought varane was decent but once you use cannavaro you really notice the balance and how big it is this year
  • I bought and sold him twice. I now rotate between Lenglet, Hernandez and Kimpembe
  • xCDHx
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    Who are the top 3 cbs in Fifa this year then?
    Not including icons
  • Invincibility
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    xCDHx wrote: »
    Who are the top 3 cbs in Fifa this year then?
    Not including icons

    1. VVD
    2. Lenglet
    3. Hernandez

  • Lackosweat
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    Lenglet is not even better than Manolas let alone Varane and Ramos. Ramos is still for me the best non icon CB in the game.
  • Shezzzzzzz
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    Packed him untradeable, swapped Manolas/Koulibaly out and put him and Hernandez in and absolutely solid.

    Havent tried Ramos so cant compare but for what ive used he is clearly 2nd best behind VVD
  • Invincibility
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    I've always manual defend on any FIFA but this year balance is KEY in defenders.. That's why Hernandez is so solid he can turn into those pacey agile ST/Wingers quiker even in bad delay gameplay

    VVD is the exception with 53 balance cuz of the space he covers in this game with his build (Coverstar).. making him the best for me
  • Alexsbundey
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    He’s a monster for me, didn’t notice the balance in game
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