i just got banned for mass bidding???

Wow i did mass bidding on my console and now it tells me that they locked my market ? what is this ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • mhh1981
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    It’s temporary don’t panic
  • CarlosJr9
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    Give it an hour or 2 and you’ll probably be able to use the market again, just be careful with the mass bidding don’t go over the top with it.
  • no i got an email saying i used unauthorized software and they had suspicious activity + captcha fail but i never had a captcha
  • OiOiSaveloy
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    You sound guilty as hell. I'm glad you got a time out.
  • Mmandras
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    I don't like this at all and hope you will get out of jail soon.

    I really, really hate those dreadful temp bans when you can't bid anything for a half an hour. Not only is bidding much harder this year, it seems that EA has shortened ban-trigger also.
  • Azof
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    Did you use shortfuts?
  • AliasMaurice
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    Bid smarter. I used to get banned for fun an hour here and there then I got banned for 24 hours in fifa 18 and less so in 19. Yet to fall foul this year.
  • cartyHUNTER
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    Yeah I find on the app if I bid on more than ten players in short succession it locks me out of bidding for a minute or so. I just take my time and give it a rest for a while. I got banned for 8 hours at worst last Fifa but I would be bidding on 60-70 cards in a row.
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